Blitz And Bananas Part 4

An Epic Tale of an Epic Tale


Anna Littler


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Part 4: The Premiere for Blitz and Bananas

Although it’s 6 months away, we’re already focussing on organising the Premiere and would value your thoughts on this as we need to make important decisions.

We have Sunday 1st April 2012 pencilled in at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley.

We have selected this date as it is the start of the Easter holidays (Palm Sunday, the weekend BEFORE Easter). We thought this may be useful if any relatives/friends from further afield may be travelling to Bromley to come to see it.

Naturally we want a date that suits the people involved (and their families) as you are of primary importance!  Let us know what you think!

The time of day is flexible. It could be a Matinee (2.30pm or 3pm) Or teatime (5pm ish) or evening (7pm ish).  There will be refreshments available for sale at the bars immediately after the performance, so people can mingle.  In addition, we propose to have a private ‘thank you’ party (also at the Churchill) for all those who’ve been involved. This could take place after the film and after the mingling!

The Film plus Out-takes plus special guests/children on stage etc could take 1½-2 hours, so the whole event including the Private party could be 3-4 hours, if people want to party!


We are proposing to sell tickets for the Premiere – Adults £10 and Children £5.

I’m afraid we are not proposing to have a reduced rate for Seniors as much of the audience could fall into this category.  Let me know if you think this is a problem.

I appreciate that many people have given so much time to make this film and I’m happy for such people to request a free ticket, (especially if they’re bringing a gang load of ticket buyers with them!)

We also propose to have a family ticket and a group booking discount. (Feel free to suggest prices/ discounts you think appropriate.)


We are still negotiating hire costs with the Churchill but ideally we’d like to cover these significant costs, as well as other costs already incurred (props, costumes, fees etc etc.).  If there are any profits, these will help us to promote the film afterwards, as my aim is to try to sell it –  for use in schools, clubs and homes for the elderly and beyond…!

We would like feedback about the date, the time of day and the proposed price rates. Please also tell us HOW MANY TICKETS you think you might need / be able to sell (to family /friends/neighbours etc).  (Please don’t double up if you and your best friend are targeting the same people!)


If you know of other film clubs, history groups, bowling clubs etc. you have links with or mailing lists of people who you would be willing to contact, please let me know.


We know there are cheaper hiring options like school halls, and we’ve enquired at the Empire cinema, but these can often only seat c 250 which would be too small for this event.  Personally I’d like the Premiere to be a really special experience (and with comfy seats!!) for all the children AND adults involved. We’ve lots of ideas to make it more than just a film experience for all guests.


The Churchill seats c 700.  If I’ve a rough idea of how many tickets we can easily sell, that will help us work out what’s feasible. I will also try to see if the local council or any charities etc. may sponsor a group of tickets so that local groups could come (British Legion/Age UK) and local primary schools/head teachers etc. Any contacts you may have would be useful!



If anyone would be interested in helping to organise the Premiere and the party, please let me know as it would be great to brainstorm with others and get things moving.

I’m also in the process of packing up my WW2 props and costumes to store and I want to catalogue them – to enable us to find things easily when needed. If this appeals, please let me know, as it would be much easier (and more fun!) to have 2 or 3 of us working on it together.


Thank you all again for EVERYTHING!  Look forward to hearing from you!


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Thanks again for everything! Anna





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  1. We all hope that this great film, involving so many people, will have a Premiere worthy of all your efforts Anna. Will help with whatever, ticket prices seem good to me (but not too many freebies to all of those involved – 120 was it??)

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