OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday June 10th 2014



One of the many annual traditions for OVFM is the North vs South competition where film clubs from this side of the river do (friendly) battle with film clubs from the other side. While the organising of the event in the north is handled by Altrincham Movie Makers, OVFM are responsible for the south end, mostly through the hard work of Mike Coad thus we are somewhat duty bound to have an entry every year.

Over the past two years it has befallen to David “Offshore Account” Laker to provide and oversee the OVFM entries with his films “Disastermind” and “Power Corrupts”. This year David understandably wants to step back and let someone else have a go – which brings us to this week’s club meeting.

OVFM hasn’t won the competition in a good few years now – the last time was with a film called “Attack Of The Killer Tripod” by a then 17 year old Reg “Bomber” Lancaster – so we really need to up our game for this year.

The theme is “If” which covers a multitude of possibilities. The announcement of this was made to the club after the conclusion of the 2013 final so there has been plenty of time to think of something. The purpose therefore of this meeting is to see what ideas you may have, be there a germination of a concept, a story outline, a treatment or even a full script. You may even have a film completed or in production (either as a group effort or individually; they can be entered on behalf of the club – see rule 2 via the link below) in which case bring it along and we’ll have a look at it.

Of course if no-one has any ideas or prepared scripts we can also brainstorm to see if we can’t come up with an idea or two to get the ball rolling. Then if you wish you can either set about making it in individual groups or by enlisting the help of the club as a whole (or however many are willing to help).

All the relevant information including the rules can be found HERE but I can tell you now that the entry deadline is Friday 31st October with the final to be held on Sunday December 7th !

So get your thinking caps on and we’ll see you on Tuesday with your ideas so we can make sure OVFM has their hands raised in victory at the end of North vs South 2014!

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7 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday June 10th 2014”

  1. Firstly how does one become entitled to a nickname such as ‘Bomber’ or ‘Offshore Account’ as I would like to join this exclusive club?

    Secondly, may I correct you when you state that a group has to be made up of 3 people. In fact,we now accept entries from individuals providing they are entered under an established group or club name. Please see Rule 2.

    1. Correction duly noted. I was working on the information given by our esteemed chairman at the last meeting.

      As for nickname’s they are only allotted if I can think of one! 😛

  2. Excuses noted! Chairmen are usually the last people to know what’s going on….right, Simon?

    At school I was lumbered with the nickname ‘Morse’ but maybe it would be a more updated ‘Da Vinci’ these days. Anyway, I look forward to being surprised or even insulted some time in the future.

  3. Not sure what river you’re talking about!! The North in this case is a line drawn across the country just below Stoke-on-Trent. Don’t know what will happen if Scotland separates but meanwhile they’re still part of the UK and included in the competition!

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