Yes folks the TOP TEN 2018 competition is officially ready to roll!

After just one year under the aegis of Hugh Darrington, the running of the competitions has changed hands again, this time to our new Competitions Officer Ian Menage.

The Top Ten is open to everyone in OVFM to submit a film, no longer than 20 minutes on any subject, style or genre, which will be judged and graded by their peers. The ten films that have accrued the highest scores by the end of the five individual rounds will be entered into the final in January 2019 and the winner will be announced at the Oscars in March.

Last year David Laker scored his first ever Top Ten win with Orpington In The 1840s making him our defending champion for this year’s competition. Can David do it again or will someone else take the trophy home after the Oscars next march?

Here are the club members who have been selected at random to participate in this opening round:

Gordon Beales

Sam Brown

Barbara Darby

Malcolm & Kath Goodwin

Kuldip Kaur

Annabelle Lancaster

Walter McKenna

Peter Mitchell

Brian Pfeiffer

Mike Shaw

Bob Vine

Ron Williams


Remember if you have a film ready and it is not your round yet please let us know below and bring it with you to the meeting – it will help make up any shortfall in submissions.

As always we ask you to PLEASE reply to this post in the comments/reply section below, if you have a film ready and letting us know the following information:

Run time

Format (DVD, Blu-ray, USB)

Picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9).


Similarly please reply below if you can’t make this round and we’ll accommodate your film in a future round. It is very important and helpful to know these things ahead of time to ensure we have the right equipment for playing your films and for planning the time allotment of the evening.  It’s a simple courtesy we are asking of you and it only takes a few seconds to comply.

And that is it. Join us on Tuesday for the opening round of the 2018 Top Ten!

Thank you for reading and good luck to everyone who enters a film!


  1. Hi Lee, due to work pressures, sadly I won’t be entering any films this year. I need to retire I reckon 🙂
    Take care and I look forward to one day getting back into film making.

  2. Sorry Lee, I don’t have a film either. Maybe one of these days I will – who knows!

  3. Sorry have been away, will pay tonight. will bring a film for top ten

  4. The 2018 Top Ten kicked off with 4 entries after all.

    First was “Swiss Holiday” from Kath Goodwin, taking us by train through snowy landscapes of the Swiss mountains and beyond. Second was “our Lizzy” by Barbara Darby. No, she wasn’t being overly familiar about Her Majesty the Queen, instead this was a document of Olympic athlete Lizzy Yarnold on her victory tour of Otford by open top bus.

    Sam Brown’s “Beyond The Sunset” was next, a 20-minute look at the economic struggles of the…nah, just kidding, it was about trains – the demise and legacy of the steam train to be specific. Finally, after a slight technical SNAFU, “Napier” from Jim Morten-Robertson closed the evening, highlighting the festivities held in the New Zealand city to commemorate the devastating earthquake of the 1930’s.

    A varied start to this year’s contest and it has to be said, one film in particular has already set a high bar for others to match. Can it be done? That is up to you as the Top Ten 2018 continues!

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