OVFM at the 2018 BIG O Festival


OVFM will have an information stand at the festival. The purpose will be to promote the awareness of OVFM within the community.

For details see:  http://www.orpington1st.co.uk/events/d/145899/the-big-o-vintage-festival/

On the stand we will have information material, handouts, posters and we will have a ‘large’ camera and a boom mike and will be hopefully conducting interviews with various members of the public. Some real some staged.

Our theme will be to focus on the collection of material and anecdotes to enhance the scope of the various History of Orpington films that we are making.

Various members of OVFM have offered help on the day. The details and the timings have been sent to them via email, so please mark on the form the times, in hourly blocks when you will be able to attend and or prefer to be on the stand and return to John Epton.

We hope that when visiting the Stand you will also be able to do some Newsreel filming for the event in general.

To help publicise the event we have a poster ready for downloading and printing which you will find HERE.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see as many of you as possible on the 7th of July!