This coming Tuesday we are back in our old haunt of the Barnard Rooms for our first in-person meeting for a while, as we jump into our time machine and take a trip into the past for a look into the OVFM archives!


The evening will be split into two halves – the first features films chosen by Brian Pfeiffer, so expect to see films set abroad and in far off locations, whilst Brian also has an update on his granddaughter who works at a wildlife conservation in South Africa.


For the second half, David Laker has been digging deep and found a few films that haven’t seen the light of day for many years, and some have never even been shown at any of our annual film shows! For some of our longer standing members this will be a trip down memory lane whilst our newer members will be given a chance to see what Orpington looked like 30+ years ago and just how far we have come as filmmakers and editors as well as the equipment we use and the stories we tell!


A reminder that COVID precautions will be in effect so feel free to wear a mask and note that there may not be a full tea break but basic refreshments will be on hand on and a quick “comfort break” will be permitted.


We hope to see as many of you a possible for this delve into the archives for a fun and rewarding retrospective evening.