OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday August 20th 2013


Our annual Top Ten competition continues at this week’s club meeting with round number three.

So far we’ve had a total of eight entries in the competition – four each for the first two rounds – which isn’t bad but could be better.

Can we add to the total with a higher number of entries in this round? Let’s look and see who has been chosen to participate in round three:


Reg Lancaster

Malcolm Goodwin

Lee Relph

Sylvia Snipp

Basil Doody

Cherie Hamlet-Smith

Frank Hyde

Ann and John Epton

Peter Mitchell

Chris Coulson


Please reply to this post if you will be providing a film at this week’s session, along with the running time, picture ratio (16:9 or 4:3) and media format (DVD, Mini DV, etc). This is a tremendous help in planning out the time allotment of the meeting.

If you don’t then have a film ready please let Brenda Wheatley know so that she can try to find someone else to fill the gap in the evening. If your film is ready early please feel free to bring it along to any Top Ten night and if there is time we will show it.

If you miss your given round you can bring your film along to a later one, but it will only be shown after those drawn for that round, if there is time.

The results from the previous round can be found HERE.

Good luck to everyone who enters a film!

6 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday August 20th 2013”

  1. Colin & Chris don’t have films to show on Tuesday so I hope others will bring along their films.

  2. Well we took a bit of step backwards for round three of the Top ten with just the two films mentioned above vying for contention for a place in the final.

    First up was my remixed version of “Two little Words”, the film I made for the “Two Words” project evening a few months back. It received right mauling from everyone but I think they were just being cocky as I only have one fully working arm at the moment, But heed this people – I never forget…. 😉

    Next up was “Cakes & Onions” from the Eptons, a film about a fund raising event held in Bromley, based around gardening and crop growing.

    In the second half of the evening, Hugh Darrington shared a film with us that he and Andy Watson shot entitled “Crown For A Queen”, in which two makers of the royal crowns shared their secrets and anecdotes about the making of regal headgear.

    The next round of the Top Ten is September 17th so let’s hope we see some more entries this time.

  3. Hi Lee
    Even with just one arm I wouldn’t like to go ten rounds with you! I LIKE your film 😉
    And the Epton’s offering,
    And Hugh’s non Top Ten but never-the-less interesting docu.
    Phew I hope that’s diplomatic enough for you all :p

  4. It was disappointing that there were only two films entered in round 3 of the top ten, Why?
    However the films that were show were interesting and well made.It was a bonus to have time to see Hugh’s film about the royal jewellers and how they remade the crown.

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