OVFM Annual Competiton 2012



OVFM Annual Competition 2012


Yes folks it is that time again where you brave filmmakers let your masterworks leave the bubble that is OVFM and have a panel of outsiders view and judge them.

Last year’s competition – the complete list of winners can be found HERE – was won by Cap’n Chris Coulson and his disturbing expose “My Other Hobby” but the main prize winner was Simon “Snapper” Earwicker who took home four awards. Can they do it again this year or will someone else step up to be bathed in glory?

Below you will find links to the entry forms which you can download and print off and bring to the next club meeting which is the Christmas Social on December 18th while the closing date is January 8th 2013.

As always the entrance fee is £2.00 per person but you can enter as many films as you like. All monies are non-refundable as we have to bribe the judges somehow.

To download the Entry form as an MS Word document click  HERE

To download the Entry form as a PDF document click HERE

Good luck to everyone who enters and remember closing date for your entry forms is TUESDAY JANUARY 8th 2013!