OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday January 8th 2013


Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you’ve all got over the indulgences of the Christmas period and are feeling fit for another fun packed, educational and productive film making year in 2013.

But first we have some unfinished business to take care of in the form of our Top Ten competition and our first club meeting of the year is the Top Ten final. By now, those of you whose films have scored the highest marks in the individual rounds would have received an e-mail from our competition organiser Brenda Wheatley and have made any necessary adjustments and improvements to your films based on the feedback and comments from the previous rounds.

Now it is judgement time and the ten highest scoring films get a second airing for the final ranking, and the results of this round and the winning film will be revealed at this year’s Oscars on March 5th!

Also this meeting is the closing date for  entries for the Annual Competition so please make sure you don’t miss out and get your films, entry forms and entry fee to Brenda.

So good luck to all the finalists and we look forward to seeing all of, you on Tuesday for this important date in our annual calendar!

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  1. Here are the top ten films, as voted for by you, for the 2012 competition!

    N.B – This is the screening order from last night. The official Top Ten placement is in parenthesis.

    1. “Eastbourne (Empress of the South)” by Mike & Jo Coad (6)

    2. “More Than Steam And Smoke” by Sam Brown (2)

    3. “Masai Miracle” by Andy & Marian Watson (7)

    4. “Blackbird – A Short Nature Story” by Ian Menage (9)

    5. “Fun With The Ancestors” by Annabelle Lancaster (3)

    6. “Eco” by Bob Vine (8)

    7. “Mud Mad” by Reg Lancaster (4)

    8. “Village Secrets” by Sue Ward (10)

    9. “Master Craftsman Martin Matthews” by Barbara Darby (1)

    10. “Feel the Thrill” by Brian Pfeiffer (5)

    Join us on March 5th to find out who YOU voted the winner!

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