NEXT OVFM CLUB MEETING – Tuesday March 5th



Admittedly it wasn’t that long ago when we first announced this Film To A Theme topic but we hope that some of you were inspired  by the nebulous possibilities the title of “Why Am I Here?” conjures up and have been hard at work putting those ideas onto film.

Remember, this is not a competition evening so these films won’t be judged but if you want feedback or constructive criticism, we will happily oblige, time permitting of course.

As usual we ask a little cooperation from everyone bringing a film to the meeting to PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST in the comments/reply section below, letting us know the film’s run time, media format (DVD, Blu-ray, USB/Memory stick), file format if using the latter (MP4, MKV, AVI, etc.) and picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9). This is a great help for us when planning the evening out and helping things run smoothly so if you could do us this courtesy it would be greatly appreciated.

Just a heads up to warn you not to get too comfortable as we will be announcing our next Film To A Theme project very shortly with the screening date set for April!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing your latest gems on Tuesday!

3 Replies to “NEXT OVFM CLUB MEETING – Tuesday March 5th”

  1. Well, ended up with five films in response to this tricky theme, which might have been more had there been more time for people to get their ideas together. Indeed, it seems to have been a tricky one to get to grips with as most of the entries took a more “nebulous” interpretation than a direct one – in other words, they ignored it! 😛

    First up was “This is My life” by Jim Morton-Robertson, a look back through his personal photo album from his baby to today.

    Next up Barbara Darby asked “Who Am I?” to which replied “You’re Barbara!”, followed by her second film for the night “Where Was This Filmed?”. I’m not sure it was revealed but it wasn’t Croydon as I first thought.

    Jane Oliver submitted “What Is It?” which was a good question for this ambiguous piece then this part of the evening closed with “Doomed” by John Bunce, an animated piece of a fated plane journey.

    As a bonus John Alford presented his film “Salvor” which is also in the 2018 Annual Competition page.

    Keep your eyes peeled as the next Film To A Theme Project announcement which will be on this site VERY soon….

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