The 2020 OSCARS (Finally!) – The Results!


The 2020 OVFM Oscars finally took place earlier tonight (February 23rd), a year later and under very different circumstances due to the ongoing Lockdown! Organised by David Laker and John Epton and hosted by Ian Menage, the event was held online via Zoom, as indeed most gathering are these days (at least by sensible people).

Because of this we were able to invite many people who normally would be unable to join us at our usual meeting venue, including our country members, people from other film clubs and even a few interested guests discovering us for the first time!

Another first sees the addition of to new trophies – the Rising Star award is for first time entrants into our competitions, and Most Creative, to honour those who let their imaginations run wild, whilst the old Raasay Trophy for films of no specific category has been retired and replaced by a new own, rechristened the Free Spirit Trophy.

We are indebted to Judges Roy Powell, Alan Cross, Howard Johnson and David Allen from South Downs Film Makers for taking the time to watch and rate our films for us, and to Roy and Alan for joining us for this event.

So without further ado, here is the list of winners as voted for by OVFM members and judged by South Downs.




Ian Dunbar Cup (Best film) – Distance by Mandy Carr

Orpington Trophy (Best Film Runner Up) – And Mama Came Too by Mandy Carr

Arthur Woolhead Trophy (Animation or Visual Effects) – Making Of Ogre Eating by John & Ann Epton

Priory Trophy (Editing) –  It’s Raining Again by Jane Oliver

Rene Morris Penguin Plate (Photography) –  Birds by John & Ann Epton

Reg Lancaster Trophy (Funniest Film) – And Mama Came Too by Mandy Carr

Alice Howe Trophy (Documentary) – Making Of Ogre Eating by John & Ann Epton

Free Spirit Trophy (No special category) – Thailand Liveaboard by David Roman-Halliday

Vincent Pons Shield (Best Drama) – Distance by Mandy Carr

Jubilee Shield (Film under five minutes) –  The Unsung Engineer by Jane Oliver

Rising Star Trophy (First Time Entry) – Distance by Mandy Carr

Most Creative – Making Of Ogre Eating by John & Ann Epton

Commendation Award – The 1847 General Election In Orpington by David Laker



The 2019/20 Top Ten Competition

Winner – Distance by Mandy Carr

Runner-Up – Making Of Ogre Eating by John & Ann Epton


Kath Jones Cup (Joke Fim) – And Mama Came Too by Mandy Carr

Vic Treen Cup (Fim Set to Music) – The Watcher by Lee Relph

Mike Turner Plate (Film Under 60 Seconds) – Birds by John And Ann Epton


Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to doing it all again next year, provided we are able to get over Lockdown and get back to filming and sharing our works with each other!

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  1. Well done Lee. Thank you for posting the results up so promptly.

    The occasion was well attended; 57 at one point and enjoyed by everyone. It gave visitors a chance to see what we get up to and it was great to receive such positive feedback about the standard of our films. Let’s hope those who visited come again and eventually join the club. To have the judges from South Downs Movie Makers present was a bonus.

    Well done to everyone who walked away with silverware or recognition of the standard of their work, so thank you all for entering films into the competition.


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