The Oscars took place on March 6th 2018 and here is the complete list of winners courtesy of Competition officer Hugh Darrington, who is stepping down after one year in the role, so we thank him for his efforts over the past 12 months. We are also indebted to Pip, Rita and Alan Hayes for judging the Annual Competition for us this year.

So, to the winners:


Ian Dunbar Cup (Best film) – Devon From A Different Perspective by Jane Oliver

Orpington Trophy (Best Film Runner Up) – Remember by Andy Watson

Arthur Woolhead Trophy (Animation or Visual Effects) – Orpington In The 1840s by David Laker

Priory Trophy (Editing) – Statue Park by James Morton-Robertson

Vincent Pons Shield (Fiction) – Turkey for Christmas by Colin Jones

Rene Morris Penguin Plate (Photography) – Devon From A Different Perspective by Jane Oliver

Heyfield Trophy (Sound) – It’s A Pug’s Life by Lee Relph

Reg Lancaster Trophy (Funniest Film) – It’s A Pug’s Life by Lee Relph

Alice Howe Trophy (Documentary) – But Is It Art? by Hugh Darrington

Raasay Trophy (No special category) – Moving Moments by Barbara Darby

Jubilee Shield (Film under five minutes) – Remember by Andy Watson



The 2017 Top Ten Competition –

WINNER: Orpington In The 1840s by David Laker

RUNNER-UP: 1940’s Showreel by Barbara Darby


Kath Jones Cup (Best joke Film) – Oh Dear by John Bunce

Vic Treen Trophy (Best Film Cut To Music) – Colour My World by Lee Relph

Mike Turner Plate (Best Film Under 1 Minute) – Same The Whole World Over by Brian Ffeiffer


Highly Commended Certificates

A 1940’s Experience  by Barbara Darby

Turkey For Christmas by Colin Jones (for Chris Crump’s illustrations)

Orpington Picture Palaces by Pat Palmer


Commended Certificates

Oh Dear by John Bunce

The Project by Charlie Caseley

The Juggler by Reg Lancaster


Final Scores:

Kath Jones Cup

Oh Dear by John Bunce   71

How To Open A Skoda by Graham Sinden  37


Vic Treen Trophy

Colour My World by Lee Relph    51

Remember by Andy Watson    33

1940’s Experience by Barbara Darby    32

Blah Blah Blur by Jane Oliver    17

Last Stand by John & Ann Epton   14

Born In Africa by Pat Palmer    10

Katharine’s Palace by Brian Ffeiffer   6

Wheels by Graham Sinden    5

Statue Park by James Morton-Robertson   5


Mike Turner Plate

The Same The Whole World Over by Brian Ffeiffer    40

Light Up The Sky by Trevor  Rogers   39

The Juggler by Reg Lancaster    36

Rumble In The Jungle by John Greengrass   23

Gannet Colony by James Morton-Robertson   14


Top 10 Results are HERE


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered a film and don’t forget you can see all of the entries in the Annual Competition HERE (make sure you are logged in).

That’s it for the 2018 Oscars, we look forward to doing it all over again in 2019!


3 Replies to “The 2018 OVFM OSCARS – THE RESULTS!”

  1. Thanks Lee for getting the Oscar results posted so quickly. It is good that the films can now be accessed by club members on the members section of the website, should they wish to view them at anytime. Thank you for all the work you do to keep things up to date and relevant. Much appreciated.

    1. No worries. Luckily Hugh sent them through to me earlier which made it easier to get them up so quickly.

      And David deserves credit for uploading a lot of the films too! 🙂

  2. Thanks Lee

    David your work in uploading films to the website has been noticed. Thank you very much for all the hard work you’re doing for the club, often unnoticed. There are probably about 10 members who had a wee peep at the films before Oscar night, me included. It is good to remind club members from time to time that we have amazing resources at our fingertips thanks to the hard efforts of the few. May we all appreciate them in time.

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