Ladles and Jellyspoons


It’s award season for OVFM which means the 2018 Oscars!


Every year we celebrate and reward the efforts of our club members with a small trinket or two, with club awards voted for by their peers and the Annual competition categories judged by an external panel.


This year we are indebted to Pip and Rita Hayes and their son Allen of Shooters Hill for giving up their time on our behalf to review and rate our films.


As you should all be aware by now, this is a black tie affair, or as smart as you can be (i.e. no trainers, jeans, t-shirts etc) so the more glam you look the better –  if I’m making an effort (this is the only time a year I wear a shirt) then you can too! If you are feeling adventurous you can come in fancy dress to add a little levity to the proceedings but this isn’t mandatory. And your partners are very welcome to join us too if you have one. If you don’t, perhaps you can borrow someone else’s for the evening?


We have many awards being contested.


In the Annual Competition they are:


Ian Dunbar Cup (Best film)

Orpington Trophy (Best Film Runner Up)

Arthur Woolhead Trophy (Animation or Visual Effects)

Priory Trophy (Editing)

Vincent Pons Shield (Fiction)

Rene Morris Penguin Plate (Photography)

Heyfield Trophy (Sound)

Reg Lancaster Trophy (Funniest Film)

Alice Howe Trophy (Documentary)

Raasay Trophy (No special category)

Jubilee Shield (Film under five minutes)


The club awards are:

The 2017 Top Ten Competition

Kath Jones Cup

Vic Treen Cup

Mike Turner Plate

Andy Watson Water Basin



Last year’s big winner was (blushes) your’s truly as “MEET DEXTER” earned five awards, closely followed by Jane Oliver with four wins. Who will be the triumphant winner(s) this year?


Join us this Tuesday March 6th at the Barnard Room, St Augustine’s Church for the 2018 OVFM Oscars to find out!



This week’s club meeting sees OVFM playing host to the annual inter-club Triangle Competition in which three of four clubs – OVFM, Spring Park, Shooters Hill and Epsom – enter films in a three-way contest to be judged by the fourth, with the judging role alternating each year.


We will be welcoming members from the other three clubs to our humble HQ in the Barnyard Room with the refreshment break being held in the more spacious Garden Room. And, in our role as hosts, we shall also be responsible for judging the films being shown and declaring the who is award with the trophies for Best Film and Best Program.


Whilst OVFM won best film for an entry courtesy of John Bunce, it was Spring Park who were the big winners in 2017. Who will take home the coveted Croydon Plaque and Triangle Trophy for 2018? Find out on Tuesday evening!



Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take you to
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go
Down to Kokomo

Or Vienna, Madrid, Copenhagen, New York, Berlin, Nairobi, Paris, Stockport…

The annual OVFM tradition of kicking off the new year by revisiting the many holiday locations and climates from the year before continues into 2018.

We invite club members to dig out their footage from their holiday trips aboard – or here in Old Blighty – to share with the rest of us but please remember there is a FIVE MINUTE TIME LIMIT on your films so you’ll need to be creative in putting your clips together. If you exceed this time limit there is a chance that when you get home after the meeting your house might not be still standing. Hey, what can I say? Our chairman is a stickler for the rules…

As always we politely ask that if you are going to be bringing a film to this meeting that you PLEASE let us know by replying to this post below, lsting the format (DVD, BD, USB stick), picture ratio (16:9, 4:3) and run time.

**EDIT** – As per Andy’s request in the comments below, please DO NOT put a menu if you are bringing a DVD and instead bookend your film with a brief blank screen buffer.

Want to travel the world and not leave Petts Wood? Then be at the club meeting this Tuesday!





Happy New Year everyone!

As is the tradition here at OVFM we kick off the year by bring some business from the previous year to close – vis-a-vis the Top Ten competition! You can read the results of the individual rounds HERE whilst the final ten (or in this case eleven) films that garnered the most votes thus are up for a second evaluation, with the winner being announced at the Oscars in march, are as follows:


1. Hampden P1344 – Jim Morten-Robertson    54.62
2. Orpington In The 1840s  – David Laker   54.38
3. It’s A Pug’s Life – Lee Relph  53.23
4. Please – John Greengrass    52.84
5. No Thanks Not Me – Colin Jones    52.76
6. The Juggler – Reg Lancaster    52.42
7. But Is It Art? – Hugh Darrington   49.15
8. 1940’s Showreel – Barbara Darby   48.32
9. Come Fly With Me – Trevor Rogers    47.38
10. Glorious Devon  – Jane Oliver   47.23
=   New Year 2017 In London – Wally McKenna   47.23


Everyone on this list should have received an e-mail from competitions officer Hugh Darrington threatening violent repercussions for anyone who fails to bring their film with them to this meeting or arrange to have it brought via proxy if you can’t make it yourself, which will also result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

Also, members are reminded that this meeting is the FINAL DEADLINE for submitting their entries to the Annual Competition to Hugh. The entry forms can be downloaded HERE (this is a Members’ Only page so be sure you are logged in).

If you are entering a film, be advised that the judges have requested DVD only,  but we are requesting that those of you who are happy to have your films uploaded for display in the new special section on this site via the club’s Vimeo account to please bring your film on a USB stick or alternatively,  you can upload them to the designated folder on our FILEZILLA server. (Again, these are Members’ Only pages).

And in keeping with this, anyone who took a USB stick from Andy a few months back to supply a brief sample of your work in your preferred file format, please be sure to bring it with you to this meeting, so Andy and John can get to work on determining the most popular and accessible formats.

Good luck to everyone who has a film in the final!