Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take you to
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go
Down to Kokomo

Or Vienna, Madrid, Copenhagen, New York, Berlin, Nairobi, Paris, Stockport…

The annual OVFM tradition of kicking off the new year by revisiting the many holiday locations and climates from the year before continues into 2018.

We invite club members to dig out their footage from their holiday trips aboard – or here in Old Blighty – to share with the rest of us but please remember there is a FIVE MINUTE TIME LIMIT on your films so you’ll need to be creative in putting your clips together. If you exceed this time limit there is a chance that when you get home after the meeting your house might not be still standing. Hey, what can I say? Our chairman is a stickler for the rules…

As always we politely ask that if you are going to be bringing a film to this meeting that you PLEASE let us know by replying to this post below, lsting the format (DVD, BD, USB stick), picture ratio (16:9, 4:3) and run time.

**EDIT** – As per Andy’s request in the comments below, please DO NOT put a menu if you are bringing a DVD and instead bookend your film with a brief blank screen buffer.

Want to travel the world and not leave Petts Wood? Then be at the club meeting this Tuesday!



  1. Thanks Lee I’m not sure yet whether I will have a film or two!, but I would ask anyone reading this to please NOT to present a disk or stick with a menu. A few seconds (say 3) black leader is all that is required. BTW any black leader has to be included in the five minutes…

    1. Thanks Andy!

      I always though the “no menu” rule was an etched in stone mandate of the club. I recall right from when I first joined the club (almost 8 years ago!!) that this was the norm. I have to say though that I’m surprised that so many of our long serving club members still do this when they should know better.

      One query though – I never include the black buffers (before and after) as part of the film’s run time, so is that enforceable too?

      1. I haven’t checked, but I seem to remember that the black lead-in buffer applies to the Annual Competition, so I assume it does to other competitions eg Mike Turner Plate – 1 minute film. The lead buffer I suggested is primarily for convenience and is not essential, but would help to prevent the projectionist being taken by surprise. It is because of time constraints in some competitions that I suggested only 3 seconds

        1. BIAFF and other competitions insist on a 10 second black buffer and no menus but I still don’t include that in my film’s run time. 😛

    2. Sorry Andy I could not get black leader but HAVE got a holiday film for you tonight. This will be my first film. Kath Goodwin

  2. Despite just two declarations of films being submitted and a rather modest turnout (everyone else was watching the NTAs I presume?) there were 8 films shown last night taken us on a varied journey around the world.

    However we started off here in Old Blighty as Colin Jones and his family were “Loose On The Ouse” before taking a long flight to Peru to meet the kids at the “Manco Capac School” courtesy of Barbara Darby.

    Our chairman Jane Oliver brought us back home again (I think) for a wet holiday as, typically for a British summer, it was “Raining Again” but we were soon off again, this time to the US of Stateside as we joined Andy Watson’s “Entry To New York” (spoiler: they wouldn’t let him in), then Brian Pfeiffer took us along with him to “Las Vegas”.

    Making her debut as a filmmaker Kath Goodwin took us to the “Swiss Alps By Train” then it was off to Beijing for a look back at part the impressive opening ceremony to the 2008 Olympic Games, which David Laker entitled “Son et lumière” (Sound and Light), and last but not least, Pat Palmer shared with us a look at the “Transport Of… (somewhere – sorry, I can’t read my own writing)”.

    The second half of the meting saw David Laker explain how to navigate the members section of the club website, focusing specifically on the Annual Competition page where we have uploaded club members films, followed by a quick live demonstration on how Filezilla works.

    We closed the evening with a professional nature film supplied by Brian Pfeiffer called “Finlandia” which was quite a spectacle, including the suicidal baby birds jumping from their nests at a great height with not a care in the world!

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