New OVFM Project – Trailers/Adverts



The first project for 2018 looks to be one of the more challenging we’ve ever set but also could prove to be one of the more rewarding as the creativity we know that is within our club members will be put to the test and on display in all its glory in producing some remarkable results under this particular double remit.

To elaborate on what is expected of you from each theme, Adverts is almost self-explanatory in that we are asking you to create your own advert/commercial! It can be for anything you like – a book, car, breakfast cereal, holiday location, music release or something you have invented yourself – there are no limits as long as they follow the basic rules of a TV advert: i.e keep them short (say 30-40 seconds), make them informative, creative and can be either serious and arty or silly and fun, especially if you are doing a spoof ad.

Trailers are naturally to promote a film, so if you have a film in the works or already completed and want to tease us about then this is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Or, if you have an idea for a film that you are unsure if it has any potential, then why not make a brief teaser trailer and let us offer our feedback to see where you can take this idea. Again, they don’t have to be that long – a minute at the most depending on how long your film is and how much you are prepared to give away.

By way of an example (and if you’ve forgive the indulgence) here is the teaser I did for MEET DEXTER:


Now for the important bit – the deadline for your entries which can either one or both subjects, is the club meeting on FEBRUARY 6th, giving you just over a month to put something together.

Good luck and have fun!

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