SERIAC Film Festival 2022 – APRIL 16th


This year’s SERIAC festival takes place on Saturday April 16th at the Oast Theatre, Tonbridge. The doors open at 1.00 pm for a 1.30 start.


This year’s judges are from Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers and the results will be revealed during this annual screening event which OVFM has played a huge part of in the past, and hopefully filsm by our members were entered again this year.


Tickets cost £4.00 which can be purchased at the door. Light refreshments will be provided but people are encouraged to bring their own drinks as snacks if they so wish whilst COVID protocol such as wearing masks and social distancing may be in place, so be prepared for that.

Directions can be found via Google maps HERE


Good luck to everyone who entered a film and we hope that OVFM is also well represented in the audience too!

6 Replies to “SERIAC Film Festival 2022 – APRIL 16th”

  1. Had a great time yesterday and every film shown was new to me. So nice to be at the Oast House again and see the films projected on a large screen to an appreciative audience. But I have to ask where was the Orpington members as apart from myself only one other member made the journey to Tonbridge. Unfortunately some members have health and family issues preventing them from travelling but given our membership numbers I would have thought a few more could have attended which is our main event in the Seriac region. Sadly this may become a ‘Use it or lose it’ event as given the low attendance on the day the organisers may well decide to make the event online only or scrap it altogether. Only £4 to get in which is probably too cheap and that includes refreshments in two breaks.

    Graham Sinden

    1. Thanks for the report, Graham!

      As you pointed out age/health issues plus ongoing concerns with the current COVID situation has been a real dampener on such events, so it is a little unfair to judge people harshly on this. Plus, it my have been too short notice for others, given it is Easter weekend too and they may have already made plans.

      Maybe next year things will see an upturn in attendance if the situations improves, but thanks for flying the OVFM flag for us! 🙂

  2. Lee, I don’t think you can blame COVID for this as we all have the same concerns and are all ageing but Spring Park members were there as were many other clubs. Even Ron Prossor was there sadly in a wheelchair now but it didn’t stop him attending.

    I think the real problem lies in the fact that the current crop of OVFM members are not into the running of the IAC and SERIAC as much as past members like Freddy and Reg so don’t usually attend these film events unless they live close to them. I’m looking forward to next year as I will personally enter some films for the first time and hopefully the event can get back to what it used to be before the pandemic.

    Ok Rant over, Happy Easter everybody.


    1. Yes, Graham, thank you for representing OVFM.
      Over the years until recently, I don’t think I’ve missed more than a couple of SERIAC events.
      However, sadly, I now have to rely on lifts for distances any farther than very locally.
      Having said that, I could name at least eight of the regulars who have health or family problems at the moment.
      I feel, like you, the current membership are missing the constant publicity for the IAC, and its events, that Freddie and Reg used to give.
      As for the £4, I seem to recall that the IAC itself chips in with the costs.
      Here’s hoping things will be better next year.


  3. Hi Annabelle,

    Sorry I didn’t mean you as I know that both you and Reg were staunch supporters of all IAC events all over the country much more than I’ve ever been. Yes the IAC do give a Seriac some money which would help to offset the costs I just felt that £5 instead of £4 would have been fine and generated just that little bit more.

    I think it’s just been the changing times that most clubs have suffered with lower and changing membership over the last 10-20 years. Shooters Hill suffered that although we gained some new members a while ago, they we’re not Filmakers as such and did not attend any events like North Vs South and Triangle competitions and we’re only interested in club nights at the usual location. And most of the time events like the IAC weekends and BIAFF we’re only attended by the usual 4 of Pip, Rita, Charlie and Nellie.

    We may never see the big participation at Seriac again but hope it can continue for a few years yet.


  4. Sorry I couldn’t be there. Ron and I went several times – even having to arrange for seats to be removed to cater for his wheelchair! Glad it went well but there may well have been others who couldn’t attend for health reasons or because of it being Easter Saturday.

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