The annual OVFM Top 10 Competition  is now under way with the eventual winner to be announced at the Oscars ceremony in 2012! To learn more about the Top 10 click HERE.

Meanwhile here are the results of the individual rounds. Be sure to check back as the competition progresses.


ROUND ONE RESULTS (held June 7th 2011)

1st – “Engine Turning” by Barbara Darby    53.89

2nd – “The Miracle” by Lee Relph     51.45

3rd – “To Italy by Gondola” by Andy Watson   50.36

4th – “Iguazu Falls” by Brian Pfieffer    46.68


ROUND TWO RESULTS (held July 19th 2011)

1st – “Connoisseur” by Barbara Walker    54.19

2nd – “Survivor’s Leave” by Simon Earwicker    50.30

3rd – “Three Boys In The Blitz” by Derek Allen   44.54


ROUND THREE RESULTS (held August 16th 2011)

1st – “Picture, picture on the wall” By Mike Shaw  58.26

2nd – “Switzerland” by Bob Wyeth  47.39

3rd – “Pearl on the Med” by John Ransley  37.82


ROUND FOUR RESULTS (held September 13th 2011)

1st – “Why are Icebergs Blue” by David Laker   54.66

2nd – “Out of the Darkness”  by Jane Oliver  48.34

3rd –  “Conversation with Diana Springall ”  by Jim Morton-Robertson     48.21

4th –  “Lago di Garda”  by Alan Smith   43.03

5th –  “Floriade” by Richard Pugh  36.68

(This may have been his first entry into a club competition.)


ROUND FIVE RESULTS (held October 11th 2011)

1st  – Chatsworth” by Susan Ward  51.78

2nd  – “The Garden Shed” by John Bunce  50.67

3rd  –  “Bells Down” by Harold Tril  49.02

4th  –  “Percy Pitcher remembered” by Hugh Darrington  48.20

5th  –  “Year Zero” by Mike Coad   47.92

6th  –  “Finding Granny’s Granny” by Anna Littler  47.72

7th  –  “Teego’s travels” by Chris Coulson  47.05

8th  – “1759” by Mike Turner  42.78

9th  –  “One of my other hobbies” by Roger Wheatley  40.13


With the qualifying rounds now complete the Top Ten finalists have been notified and have until January 3rd 2012 to make any necessary adjustments or revisions to their films based on the feedback given during the screenings and the winner will be announced at the Oscars.

Thanks to all who entered a film and good luck to all the finalists!!