OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday July 5th 2011


For the next club meeting on Tuesday July 5th we shall be showing films from other film making clubs.

The clubs who have bravely submitted their work for our delectation are

Newcastle ACA Film & Video. This club is celebrating it’s 80th anniversary this year and is apparently the longest running amateur film making club in the world!! To learn more about the Newcastle ACA visit their website HERE.

South Essex Film Makers. Formerly known as the Westcliff Cine and 35mm Club, the SEFM operate out of Rayleigh in Essex and are noted for their tutorial work for young film students as much as their own creativity in film making. To learn more about the SEFM visit their website HERE

The films we will see on Tuesday have been chosen by Simon Earwicker (pronounced “Throat-Wobbler Mangrove”) and judging by some of the examples of both clubs’ websites, we should be in for an entertaining night.

See you then – Same OVFM time, same OVFM location!


One Reply to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday July 5th 2011”

  1. Anybody have any extra thoughts on the films we saw last night?

    I was very impressed with the editing of the SEFM weepie “Till Then” and the effects of the framed picture changing with the movement of the rose. And the effects at the end of “Numbers” were very well done too. Since SEFM are known for their tutorials at local film schools, I’m guessing their quite as amateur as they would have us believe!! 😉

    Of the Newcastle films “Dog Gone” seemed to be the overall favourite and deservedly so in my opinion (although one has to wonder if “Sexbomb” would have beaten it… :P).

    Thanks to both the Newcastle ACA and SEFM for sharing their films with us.

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