OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday June 21st 2011

The next club meeting on Tuesday June 21st is the annual OVFM Barbecue!!

It will be held this year at Chez Shaw (members know where to look on this site for the address) at 19:30pm for 20:00pm to 22:00pm. And for the first time ever it will be a special Fish & Chips supper! How does that work? Well, instead of barbecued food there will be fish & chips or chicken & chips for everyone as Mike is not allowed to cook anything when his good lady wife is not home. You mean you don’t remember the Great Fire of Beckenham?

You are advised to bring your own drinks and your own chairs. And your own plates and cutlery. And your own condiments. And your own food!! Just kidding!! And with the weather being as unpredictable as it has been lately, you may need an umbrella too. The more daring/less shameful among you are also invited to bring a swimming costume as Mike has a pool at his humble mansion (and is looking for someone to clean it for him). The men can change in the shed and the women in the greenhouse (© Mike Shaw).

Members are also asked to not park in front of the garage as Mike doesn’t want the neighbours to think he owns a (insert make of your car here). Seriously, it would be greatly appreciated by Mrs. Shaw if the garage was left clear for when she returns home.

It is also worth noting that June 21st marks the anniversary of the birth of OVFM Chairman Chris Coulson. Chris arrived on this planet when TV was still in black & white, there was still decent music in the charts and no-one had heard of Margaret Thatcher. Good times!  So let’s hope enough people attend in order to give him the bumps (and bring your own hernia repair kits too). If you’ve ever wondered what barbecued birthday cake tastes like this might be your chance to find out!!

You have been warned!

3 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday June 21st 2011”

  1. What a fantastic evening that was! Many thanks to Freddy and Annabelle for organising everything, and especially to Freddy for the inpromptu skinny dipping* show at the end in Mike’s pool!

    * It might not have been *skinny dipping* in the strictest sense of the phrase…

    1. Congrats. to Annabelle for taking these shots and getting them into the Gallery so quickly (morning after the night before). I especially loved the Old Codgers Corner!!
      Mike must have turned the heating on for the pool – it was warmer in than out.
      Thanks to Annie and Mike for offering to let us use their lovely garden, and for ensuring that at least we had no rain, even if blankets were needed.

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