OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday June 7th 2011


The next club meeting on Tuesday June 7th is the first round of the 2011 OVFM Top 10 Contest!!

The club members scheduled to present their films for this round are:


Ian Menage
Andy & Marian Watson
Gwen & Alan Whippy
Lee Relph
Mike Graham
Peter Mitchell
John Alford
Barbara & Ron Darby
Sylvia Snipp
John Robertson
Ann Perrin & Alan Gage
Jeannie Jarnot


If anyone is not on the list for this round but has a film ready then please bring it along anyway should there be a shortage of films on the night. Of course if you are on the list and are unable to bring a film then you are obliged to run a lap of the club grounds naked as punishment as per the OVFM constitution. (okay, I may have made that last bit up)

If those of you who have films ready for the meeting please reply to this post with confirmation so we have an idea of how many films to expect. Thanks in advance.


For more information on the Top 10 click HERE

See you on Tuesday good luck to all who will be submitting their films!





2 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday June 7th 2011”

  1. Well, I’ll be submitting my film (although please don’t expect “Writers Block Pt 2” cos you’re not going to get it!).

    Anyone else or is going to be a short night on Tuesday?

  2. A good night overall. Just four films were submitted but that gave us more time to devote to the comments, which were very helpful and constructive as usual. Reg Lancaster, of course, was on fine form with his feedback – although I’m not suggesting his in-depth critiques were the reason the meeting overran by 15minutes!! 😉

    Anyway the four films entered were:

    The Miracle by Lee Relph
    Iguaza Falls by Brian Pfeiffer
    Engine Turning by Barbara Darby
    To Italy By Gondola by Andy Watson

    I personally wish to thank everyone for their kind words and constructive comments and feedback which I will take on board.

    Hope everyone enjoyed all the films last night. Results will be posted here soon.

    Round two of the Top 10 is July 19th!

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