For this session, it is time to get the cameras out again and do some more filming, this time scaling things down a bit to try our hand at table top filming!

What’s that you ask? Well, rather than me explain it to you, I’ll let John Bunce have that honour. Take it away John:



Yes, we are giving simple stop motion animation a go, or something approximating that.  If you recall, former club member and erstwhile chairman Simon Earwicker also made some stop motion films using a whole array of everyday items, like elastic bands, glasses, coins and a desk lamp. Obviously this is a painstaking and time consuming process and two hours isn’t going to be an enough to ke a whole film (especially as it takes everyone so long to settle back down after tea break) so anything we do attempt will need to be very short and straightforward.

Hopefully though, this will prove educational and inspiring enough for you to try this for yourself or give you an idea for your entry into next year’s Top Ten competition!

So, if you have an idea for something you’d like to try, please reply to this post below so we can accommodate as many projects as possible, otherwise if you simply want to learn something new – after all that is why we are members of OVFM to learn new skills – make sure to join us this coming Tuesday and be a part of the fun!


  1. Hi, my name is David Roman-Halliday, I’m looking forward to joining you all for the first (hopefully of many) time Tuesday eventing.

    I’ve played with stop frame animation in the past (a webcam and a basic PC with free software), so this should be interesting to see how others do it. Not to mention growing up watching TV shows where they did stop frame animation as part of the entertainment.

  2. My sincere apologies for not coming on Tuesday 24th for the practical evening. I had been translating all day and after tea I had sat down and promptly fell asleep. Very sorry. Probably getting old.

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