OVFM CLUB MEETING – TUESDAY September 13th 2016




And as quickly as that we move into the second round of the 2016 OVFM Top Ten competition!

We had four entries for the first round (the results of which are HERE) and as ever we are looking to top that number in this round.

The club members who have been drawn for this round are:


Madeline & Annie Ffitch

Mike Shaw

Sam Brown

Simon Earwicker

Jane Oliver

Ian Menage

Bob Vine

Anna Littler

Tony Keable

Pat Palmer

Cherie Hamlet-Smith


As ever if you can’t make your designated round be sure to let either Brenda know ahead of time or reply to this post below, or you have a film ready early, please bring it along as chances are it will be welcomed for screening time permitting.

And if you are bringing a film this week then PLEASE reply to this post in the comments/reply section below, letting us know the film’s run time, format (DVD, Blu-ray) and picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9). This is a great help for us when planning the evening out and helping things run smoothly so if you could do us this courtesy it would be greatly appreciated.

Also please don’t forget to bring any footage you have for the mini-Newsreel we hope to put together for the upcoming Autumn Film Show.

Thank you and good luck to everyone who enters a film!

5 Replies to “OVFM CLUB MEETING – TUESDAY September 13th 2016”

  1. Hello Lee,

    Is it a test to see if anyone is reading your missive? Who are the Ffich’s? I don’t recall hearing of them or seeing there name in the members list.

    thanks for your efforts. It will be interesting to see if you get any response, but it would certainly make the evening easier to organise if we had the info’ in advance. So to all of you out there PLEASE let us know

  2. No it’s not a test but then again it would take more than an unrecognisable name to engender interest in the site! 🙁

    To answer your question I *think* the Ffich’s were a young girl and her mother who joined a while back but only attended just one meeting. Not sure why they’d pay up for a sub then not come but that’s a few extras biscuits for the rest of us! 😛

    And it’s “their” not “there”…. 😉

  3. Lee is quite right about the Ffitch,s. I think the time of the meeting didn’t suit them.
    I don’t know of any films being submitted for tomorrow’s Top Ten.
    Maybe Barbara Darby will bring her film that we didn’t have time to show in round 1

  4. Well we ended up with just two films entered for the Top Ten last night – technically it was three but one wouldn’t play properly – although it seemed we wouldn’t have any until the last minute. The biggest shocker of the night was the return of our MIA Vice-Chairman Sam “Choo Choo” Brown, last seen at a club meeting the same week The Beatles split up! 😛

    First up was “On A Roll” by John & Ann Epton. I have to confess I somehow managed to get a head cold on the hottest day of the year (!) and spent most of this film fighting a runny nose and the sweats so I missed the main point of this but it involved what looked like an old style river swing bridge or something. Sorry John and Ann but please feel to fill in the blanks.

    I suffered a little less during the second film from Barbara Darby “A Reconstruction Of H4”, which recalled the work of a watch maker and the painstaking process of making his own replica of the intricate H4 timepiece by the legendary John Harrison.

    Also there was a rare sighting of John Alford who has an exciting film project on the go, for which he needs some volunteers to serve as crew members. Drop John a line via e-mail or telephone (his details are in the members Section) if you are interested.

    So, two films for round two – does that mean three films for round three?

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