OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday November 26th 2013




Once again we give you the OVFM club members the opportunity to look back on the fifty years of films in the club archive and relive some of those moments from yesteryear. With such a time span of material to behold there is a wealth of footage not been seen by many club members (especially us newbies) while others will simply want to reminisce about former club members and their films, which will assuredly bring back fond memories of them and of making the films with them.

In order to have a programme for this evening we need YOUR input so please take a look at the archive (found in the Member’s Only Section, top right in the menu bar above – make sure you are logged in first) and select the films YOU want to see on Tuesday and please e-mail your choices to David Laker – otherwise it is going to be a VERY short club meeting !

Thanks and see you there!

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  1. Last night was a busy one that started off with David “Del Boy” Laker explaining the fundamentals of the archive system before we took a dip into the rich treasure trove of the club’s history.

    We opened with a snippet of the oldest film currently in the archive entitled “Paris” made in 1960 then we had the first of three films from Basil Doody titled “Chroma Key”.

    An oldie from Richard Mead, “Slow Train” was next followed by “Scrumping” and “One Minute Please”, both from Colin Jones (who also featured heavily on this night).

    The Gremlins (Basil & Peter) returned with “Free D-TV” before we were treated to an unusual animated delight “Tightrope”.

    Colin was back with a two part film “Birth Of A Notion”, the making of the fabulous animated short “Simple Sisyphus” which followed afterwards.

    The late Derek Allen gave us the cheeky comedy “Tablets Of The Memory” followed by the final film from The Gremlins, “R.I.P”.

    A quick look at the Newsreel for the year 2000 lead to the final film of the evening “Pies” a club promotion film back when the club was still called Orpington Cine Society (circa 1873).

    Remember,if you have any old films not in the archive, or you know a former club member who might have one, please have a hunt round or have a friendly word so we can preserve them for future reference.

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Cheers Lee for keeping score of the evening’s films and for the brilliant write-up.
    Archive sessions are always fascinating and last night was no exception, with many entertaining films being aired, several of which I’d never seen.
    Not least was the one featuring our very own President being repeatedly and ruthlessly custard-pied for the greater good of the club, thanks Reg!
    Thanks too to David and John for organizing and running the evening in Andy’s absence.

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