OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday November 20th 2012


This week’s meeting is another double header as we welcome films for both an annual competition and a club project.

The Mike Turner Plate, named after our late ex-chairman/vice chairman/all round good guy, is open to films with a maximum running time of one minute (or 60 seconds for you metric users) on any subject, style or genre.

The club project is entitled “How?” which came from the esoteric mind of Jim Morton-Robertson. I’m not entirely sure what the exact criteria is for this, whether it is a documentary on a certain creative process or an insight into Native American greetings. I did try to coax some kind of explanation from Jim but all he did was moan in his Scottish accent about a large North American antlered mammal running unfettered in his domicile!

I am also reliably informed that club member Craig Robinson will be aging by one year on Monday the 19th so we should be sure to give him some belated birthday bumps on Tuesday!

We look forward to seeing your films and if you will be bringing one for either or both categories please reply to this post to let us know ahead of time.

Thanks and see you on Tuesday!

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  1. Hi Lee,

    Jo and I will be bringing 2 films for the 60 second metric competition, one from ourselves and one from Harold Trill.

    See you Tuesday.

    1. Hi Lee
      I will be bringing one minute film and a’how’ film 5 mins 20sec
      See you Tuesday

  2. I knew there was a reason not to reply to your calendar requests on Facebook – especially as the damn thing asked me about four dozen times!

    I may well not actually be there – all depends on whether this weekend gives me any time to finish off some work. Really intensive course up at Raindance at the same time as work coming up is not a good mix really.

    1. I didn’t even know until this afternoon that the FB calendar app had actually worked since it kept telling me to sends requests! Pesky thing!! >:(

  3. We will be bringing a 22 second film and a 5 minute How film. Both on the subject of Pinstriping.

  4. We were treated to an impressive 13 films last night covering both themes and one bonus film.

    We kicked off with the bonus film, Bob Wyeth’s “Train To music” which we were unable to show at the last club meeting.

    Then we moved on to the entries for the Mike Turner Plate and first up was Mike & Jo Coad’s “Goodbye Summer”. I don’t even recall saying hello to summer this year!

    Next was “Pinstriping World” from John & Ann Epton followed swiftly by “Traditions” from Harold Trill. Bob Wyeth returned to the screen with “Spitfire” while the final entry was Barbara “Cakes” Darby’s “Pinnacles”.

    For the second theme of the evening, “How” it was back to the Eptons for “Pinstriping Know How”. Lady Annabelle Of Lancaster proffered a look at how to kick start ones gliding career in her film “Take Off” while hubby Reg “Bomber” Lancaster showed us the safest way to watch an eclipse in “Backlight”!

    Barbara “Cakes” Darby was back with some festive advice in “How To Make A Tall Cracker” before John Bunce delivered advice on “How To Fix A Highly Strung Friend” concerning guitar maintenance.

    Closing this session were Andy Watson with advice on creating “Smooth Pans” and Capn’ Chris Coulson demonstrated the benefits of “Dehydrated Water”.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed a film this week and the results for the Mike Turner Plate will be announced at the Oscars in March!!

  5. Great to learn that an award plate has been named in memory of my much-missed cousin, Mike Turner.

    Barry York,
    Canberra, Australia

    1. Hello Barry, greetings from the other side of the globe!
      Dear Mike is still a very important part of OVFM and his legacy lives on in many aspects of the club, not least our take on Oscar Night. This is our awards evening, and was made into the special event it now is by Mike.
      We have a lot to be thankful to him for.
      Best wishes

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