N vs S Southern Heat Report

North vs South Southern Heat Report


Mike Coad


The Southern Heat of the North v South Competition took place on Sunday 25th November at Farnborough Village Hall in Farnborough, Kent.

There were only 11 films entered this year compared to the 29 we had only 2 years ago so it left a big hole in the programme. This was filled with films from Sydney Movie Makers Club in Australia.

We were very pleased to see an entry from Exeter Films, who were first time entrants.

The fact that six of the 11 entries were from clubs considerably distant from Farnborough and as far apart as Devon and Derby meant inevitably that they wouldn’t be represented in person. However, we were delighted that Jill Lampert from Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers, who also had an entry in, could join us for the show. In all, only 55 people attended which is down on last year’s Southern Heat.

Our judges were Mid Wilts Video Society and we are very grateful for their help.

Following the showing of the films, the audience were once again asked to try and match the judge’s decision.


Audience Vote

1st              Operation Black Hat                       Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers

2nd             The Buzz In The Boardroom        Surrey Border Movie Makers

3rd             A Place Of Calm                               Derby Movie Makers

4th             It Pays The Bills                               Nuneaton Moviemakers

5th             Confidential                                     Epsom Movie Makers


Official Result

1st              Disastermind                                   Orpington Video & Film Makers

2nd             Operation Black Hat                     Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers

3rd             Ship Ahoy!                                       Nuneaton Moviemakers

4th             A Place of Calm                               Derby Moviemakers

5th             Confidential                                     Epsom Movie Makers


Needless to say, nobody in the audience matched the judge’s decision but Brenda Wheatley of Orpington Video & Film Makers was closest and took the ‘Audience Vote’ prize.

Congratulations to all the Southern Heat winners.

The Grand Final will be held on Sunday 27th January 2013 when it is hoped the South can win back the John Wright Trophy after 8 years in the wilderness of the North.

Mike Coad

5 Replies to “N vs S Southern Heat Report”

  1. Having missed a north v. South screening for the first time, I was surprised to see that the audience did not put the winning film in their top five, especially as there must have been several OVFM members in the audience. Can anyone explain the reason for this ? We hardly ever completely agree with judges, but the film that they select as the best has always been in the audience top five, usually second or third.
    Hope to be fit for the final. Derek.

    1. Hi Derek.
      If I was to hazard a guess on why the audience choice differed so from the judges’ choice I’d say it was because the OVFM members in the audience were such humble and self effacing types that they didn’t think it sporting to put ‘Disastermind’ top!!!

        1. Lee, you’re such an upstanding citizen! I’m proud of you.
          But this is the AUDIENCE vote we’re talking about and not the all important judges’ decision, where the real laurels lie.

          1. Yes but if OVFM members are in the audience voting for an OVFM film are they not being biased ? Like in the Top Ten were we don’t vote for our own films.

            OVFM – Keeping movie judging clean in 2012! 😉

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