OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday December 4th 2012

As the banner says for the first part of this week’s double header meeting we are offering those club members one final chance to enter this year’s Top Ten competition. Those of you who haven’t already submitted a film this year have been named and shamed in this post so please refer to that list to see if your name is on it and get your film ready for screening!

Remember if you will be providing a film then please reply to this post to let us know as it will benefit us in planning for the second of this week’s agendas – Films from the OVFM Archive!

Hopefully by now you all should have received an e-mail from Andy Watson reminding everyone to submit their requests for films from the archive you want to see. If you haven’t yet please refer to the recently updated archive listing the member’s only section HERE and e-mail Andy with your request.

As alluded to above, the amount of films we can show depends on the amount of entries we get in the Top Ten so please don’t be disappointed if your request isn’t fulfilled on the night.

Perhaps that will teach you to get your Top Ten films in on time in future…. (insert evil grin here)

See you all on Tuesday and good luck to those who are entering their Top Ten films!

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  1. I have Ann’s film safely in my bag for bringing to the meeting. Lee, it’s called “Mr Punch pops up to town” and runs for 5 minutes! I’ll forward it to the Annual Comp. unless Ann tells me not to.

  2. Possibly have one for Tuesday. Principle filming was last night and assembling now, but have a nasty suspicion that someone is going to drop me right in it for a Friday meeting.

      1. Don’t have to throw a sickie – I am sick, but England, er, college, expects…

        All imported and video/audio synched, so hopefully I’ll get a [very] rough cut done tomorrow morning before class. It’s all meant to be colour graded and retro’d to 50s / 60s, which might be too much work for Tuesday but we’ll see.

        1. Hi Craig
          Remember that if your film is successful there is an opportunity to polish your Top Ten film for the final…so you could enter a beta version if you wanted.

          Lee, I am delighted to say I have an entry for Tuesday…just as long as Brenda is prepared to stretch the rules a little…would a 45min film be too long?

          Just kidding! It’s 3.5mins long actually.

          1. Thanks Simon – I think that’s the way it will be in anycase. This one was never intended as an entry, and is really only a screen-test for two actors that I have who will be in a larger production next year.

            There are definitely lines and movements that could be done better and should be re-shot (especially a spur-of-the-moment titles sequence on my part which certainly did not benefit from not having a track with me). I wasn’t too bothered for the screen-test, but naturally if it goes to the final it would be worth improving.

  3. An interesting night last night as we had SIX films in the Last Chance round but the discussion was so intense that we didn’t have time to run any films from the archive as promised. Sorry Andy!

    To the films and we kicked off the evening with “A Little Gem” from Harold Trill, about the Palace Cinema, a small family run picturehouse in Broadstairs.

    Next up was a work in progress from Craig Robinson entitled “Send Me Roses”, giving us the first chance to sample Craig’s work here at OVFM. It’s difficult to rate since it was incomplete but what we did see was promising drama about a local Spanish official trying to help a British salesman out of a spot of bother.

    Simon “Snapper” Earwicker has for the longest time claimed to have no musical ability and has now finally proved this with his film “Arrhythmic Dischord” (sic)!

    The elusive Ann Perrin celebrated 350 years of Punch and Judy by going on a journey to London as “Mr. Punch Goes To Camden Town”.

    In what I believe may be a first for OVFM, Ian Menage submitted a film! “Blackbird – A Short Nature Story” follows the development of a nest of newborn blackbirds residing in his garden.

    Finally Sue Ward shared with us some “Village Secrets” about Halstead. I would tell you more but it’s a secret. 😛

    The results of this round will be revealed soon with the final to take place in January.

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