OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday November 12th 2013




Over the past couple of years our entries for the annual North vs South competition, as well as the Coaching Evenings, has seen an emergence of club members starting to write their own scripts, which is encouraging as our drama/comedy output is somewhat dwarfed in relation to holiday, documentary and sundry films that don’t rely on a scripted structure.

However – there is always a “however” – it is evident that some extra guidance is needed on the actual mechanics of scriptwriting and more importantly the formatting of the scripts to make them better looking and easier for others to understand and follow. This latter facet may not seem important on the surface but trust me, it is.

Therefore we bring you this evening dedicated to exploring the world of scriptwriting further, looking at structure, characters, dialogue, description and direction notes and answering any questions you may have. And to make matters worse, your’s truly (yes me – the world’s worst public orator) will attempt to bring you a live demonstration of the wondrous (and free) script writing tool Celtx (which I have promoted elsewhere on this site) which hopefully will enlighten you to the benefits of using this tool over MS Word and encourage you all (well, some of you) to give it ago and produce a professional looking script for your future productions.

Hope to see you all there (or not, so I don’t have to embarrass myself in front everyone)!

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  1. Shame we won’t be there, but I am sure it will go well… It will be alright on the night as they say!

  2. Thanks to everyone for their patience with me last night. I hope that despite my mumbling and flawed presentation that some of you will give Celtx a go and start producing some great scripts with it.

    Thanks also to Simon (not forgetting Mr. Parsnip and Monkey), Colin and David for their contributions to the evening.

    Scriptwriting is a fascinating area and one we should investigate further in the future to get some of you writing more, but I hope that in some way last night laid the foundations for encouraging more writers to step up – using Celtx of course! 😉

  3. Thank you to Simon, David, Colin, Jim and Lee for all their contributions to last nights “Scriptwriting”. I found it very interesting although I have never written a script.
    Well done all of you.

  4. Well done Lee for a fascinating introduction to a very helpful bit of scriptwriting software.
    Hopefully the evening will have encouraged more club members to have a go at writing their own scripts.

    You’ll be glad to hear that Mr Parsnip and Monkey are themselves collaborating on an epic feature film.
    It’s about the use of technology to make the world a better place. How advancements in IT has brought knowledge to all and how improved communication has turned the world into a global village.
    Unfortunately progress on their epic has stalled as neither of them can switch on the computer!

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