Student Films Showcase


This week’s meeting will once again be held via Zoom but is a slightly different in its content.


OVFM was contacted by Bromley College to watch and give comments ton films made by students of their Media Studies course.  The remit of this project was to produce a 2-5 minute film on one of two subjects:


A topical local news item 

A film with the theme ‘Signs’


Five films were submitted and we shall be viewing them all on Tuesday evening. The total run time of all five films is 20 minutes, so we propose to spend around 10-15 minutes discussing each film, looking at it from every aspect and providing constructive comments for these young filmmakers as to how and where their films could be improved, as well as what they did right. We shall also be using a specially modified version of our scoring sheet for the Top Ten competition, which you can download and print off in Excel format HERE. The amendment to the form is in the final question “Has the brief been met?”, to be scored out of ten, referring to whether the film fits the remit of its theme or topic.


Another purpose of this exercise is to help club members get used to speaking up and sharing their opinions on films as well as learning how to be constructive and tactful in delivering feedback, knowing when to bring up a negative point without causing offence, or how to articulate opinion on a technical issue. All too often when hold film  screening evenings that require members’ feedback, it is the same few people speaking up and we want to encourage everyone to have the confidence to share their thoughts, and this is the perfect opportunity to test the waters so to speak. 


Naturally, if you aren’t comfortable with speaking up that is fine too, there is no pressure; however we would like you to still record your scores and comments on the scoring sheet, to give you a point of reference in comparing and contrasting with the thoughts of others. But we do hope to have a substantial turn out for this meeting and that a many members as possible will find this a helpful exercise to participate in – it is about getting everyone involved and helping us help each other.


The Zoom link for the meeting will be sent via email by club secretary Barbara J. Darby shortly before it is to take place so please look out for that, and we hope to see as many of you as possible on Tuesday for what should be an  interesting session.


Thanks for reading.