As you may already be aware by now, the future of the annual North vs. South competition is in doubt after OVFM relinquished the job of running the event and, at the time of posting, there has no been response from other clubs to pick up the mantle. However it has been decide that instead of letting the opportunity pass us by, should there be an 11th hour saviour, OVFM will make a club film to fulfil the chosen topic for the NvS competition, as well a give us a project the whole club can work together on.

The theme is “Moving” and somewhat ironically we shall be “moving” away from the usual brainstorming format which is part of the programme for the next club meeting this coming Tuesday. Dividing the evening into two parts, the first will be the brainstorming session.

Ensuring that everyone is given a chance to be involved and not just left to the same few faces, we will break into small groups to share our ideas for the theme “Moving”.  Each group will then decide on the idea that would be best suited to the theme that they could make into a short film for showing on the club meeting at a future date (do check back on the club calendar for updates).

Don’t be discouraged if your idea isn’t taken up by your group, there’s nothing to stop you making a film of your own if you so desire – in fact, the more the merrier!  This exercise should ultimately provide us with a variety of films that could also be entered into various other external and IAC related film competitions beyond the N v S, should it be resurrected by another club.

In the second part of the evening we will watch some films from the OVFM archives that fit the theme “Moving” as possible entries to the competition along with of newer efforts to get the numbers up.

So get your thinking caps on and bring your ideas for the them of “Moving” to the club meeting on Tuesday!

So come along and enjoy.