It’s project time again at OVFM and this one is a little different from the usual tasks we set you.

This time you don’t have to do a single bit of filming, as this is an editing project. You will be supplied with two pieces of film where the clips have been arranged in a random order. Your task is to reassemble them into a coherent narrative with titles and music too if you wish.

With so many curious and creative minds in the club, the scope for interesting and diverse interpretations to come from such a concept is bound to be wide, and whilst the source material has yet to be disclosed, I am sure it will prove fertile enough to get our artistic juices flowing.

The deadline for this project will be a club meeting to be held on October 31st.

Meanwhile, distribution of the raw footage will be via one of three methods:



USB Stick



For the first two hard copy options, you can collect them from Ian Menage beginning the next club meeting on Tuesday May 2nd whilst anyone using FileZilla (be sure to follow Mike Shaw’s tutorial on how to set this programme up) can have the file sent directly to their PCs. Whichever of the three formats you prefer it is imperative that you PLEASE reply to this post below stating your preference as soon as possible, in order to ensure everyone is catered for.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to see the results on May 30th!


  1. I would like to receive mine via FileZilla.

    If only everyone with a PC, tabletor whatever would use FileZilla it would be so much Simpler. If you haven’t tried it please do so. You will be able to transfer any file between any club member, who has set up the system, and without loss of quality during the transfer process

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