OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday May 27th 2014



This week’s meeting sees the first round of the annual Top Ten competition aka the “Barbara Darby Hands Off That’s Mine” award!

As ever you asked to bring in your best film to be judged by your peers in OVFM and the ten films that receives the highest votes over the course of the five rounds that will take place between now and November (see this post for the full list of dates).

The members who have been drafted to provide a film for this opening round are as follows:


Colin Jones

Bob Wyeth

John Bunce

Ann & John Epton

Peggy Parmenter

Peter Mitchell

Frank Hyde

Mike & Jo Coad

Barbara Darby

Alan Smith


As ever if you can’t make your designated round be sure to let Brenda know ahead of time or you have a film ready early, please bring it along as chances are it will be welcomed for screening time permitting.

And if you are bringing a film this week then PLEASE reply to this post in the comments/reply section below, letting us know the film’s run time, format (DVD, Mini DV) and picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9). This is a great help for us when planning the evening out and if you could accommodate us on this it is greatly appreciated.

Good luck to everyone who enters a film!

5 Replies to “OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday May 27th 2014”

  1. John & Ann Epton have a film 2 mins.

    Mike Coad, Alan Smith & John Bunce don’t have a film for this evening.

  2. As is the tradition the first round of the Top 10 featured a small number of entrants but as they say it’s quality not quantity.

    We opened up with “Anti-Gravity” from Hugh Darrington. Not a big budget sequel to the Oscar winning film “Gravity” the title may promise but an animated spoof on the popular TV show “Dragon’s Den”.

    Film number two saw The Eptons shared with is their idea of “High Street Fun”,shot during the turning on of the Christmas Lights last year in Orpington High Street. We’re still waiting for the film from when the lights were turned off…

    Finally our reigning Top Ten champion Barbara “Cakes” Darby opened her account for 2014 with – you guessed it – a documentary shot in Otford! “The Bells Of Barthomolew” took us through the process of replacing church bells, although some club members were disappointed this wasn’t a spoof of the popular “St Trinians” franchise!

    So there we have it. The opening shots have been fired, now it’s up to YOU to return fire with your film in the future rounds!

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