OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday May 13th 2014



You Be The Judge:

Trivention Competition 2014


For this week’s meeting we get to play judge for films from other clubs this time under the guise of the 2014 Trivention competition.


Similar to the Triangle Competition – except this one understands the concept of “tri” being a derivation of three and not four – two clubs will submit a programme of films to be judged by the third, which this year is us!


The other two participating clubs are Preston Movie Makers and Newscastle ACA Film& Video.


The judging procedure will be similar to our own Top Ten competition, in which we we all have a sheet to fill in, awarding each film with points before the totals are collected at the end to discern a winner. In the past OVFM has come second twice although with just two clubs competing that means we’ve lost TWICE! But don’t take this as an opportunity to extract revenge against the other clubs, we are better than that. Besides, Freddy already took care of that last year when she firebombed the Preston club room!


So we hope that you will all show up on Tuesday night and share your opinions on this films to present our fellow clubs with a rounded and balanced score card rather than the usual preferences of a few, which I’m sure will be appreciated in turn by our Northern friends.


As it is always of interest to see the work of other clubs and their own unique take on filmmaking, it should be an entertaining and eye opening evening.


See you then!

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  1. It’s always an interesting experience for us here at OVFM to see films from other clubs, to see what ideas they have for drama scripts or documentary subjects, or even to see what techniques they have embraced.

    Last night we got to witness two programmes of such films from Preston and Newcastle which for made for fascinating and entertaining viewing.

    The first programme was from Newcastle, which featured short comedies, a rather lengthy drama about leeks (!), a generation spanning musical tribute and a documentary about a local hero.

    The Programmes from Preston featured two animations (not “animatics” David – that is the official term for a test film made up of storyboard images; pedant mode off 😛 ) one featuring clay motion dancing and one featuring singing birds. They also presented us with a western set poem and a journey through London, and a film about plastering(!)

    We were all given a score sheets to fill in and judge each film similar to the way we mark the Top Ten then at the end of the night the top three choices of everyone were recorded with the film that scored the most votes in the top three declared the winner.

    We then took a vote on who provided the best programme. I won’t say who won in case anyone from Preston or Newcastle happen to see this.

    But the result was interesting to say the least since the majority of the club voted for the programme I didn’t – this either cemented my position as the outsider of the club or means I should perhaps consider myself part of an exclusive group instead! 🙂 😛

    Thanks to Newcastle and Preston for sending us their films and we look forward to hopefully seeing more of them again in three years time!


    The 24 members present scored each individual film and at the end of the evening we got them to vote for their top three films. They also voted for the best programme.

    The results for the best individual film ended in a tie based on first places with ‘Twas on the 9th of June’ from Newcastle and ‘Dance’ from Preston being ranked top by nine members. When we went to second place votes ‘Dance’ from Preston had a slight edge and was declared the winner.

    However the Newcastle won the vote for the best overall programme.

    Many thanks to both clubs for providing a great evening’s entertainment.

  3. Thanks for the results sorry for a late reply as I have
    Been on holiday hope your new season begins well
    Congratulations to Newcastle.
    Regards Jim PMM

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