Editing. It’s one of the most important parts of filmmaking as our films won’t have a narrative without it!

It’s also one of the trickiest parts of the filmmaking process-  not to mention time consuming – but its rewards are – plentiful once the film is finished and we share it with others who are able to follow your creative vision on screen instead of looking at a slideshow of disparate images.

Heading this session are chairman/woman/person Jane Oliver and Jim Morton-Robertson who by way of a description for what is in store proffered the following:

“We’re going to examine ‘the edit sequence’ of a well known Alfred Hitchcock film, master of filmmaking, and discuss the language of editing (and as James won the trophy for the best edit this year, we thought he ought to share his secrets with the rest of us so that we may have a chance to take the award from him next year.)”

Club members are also asked to please have their nomination forms for the club committee completed ahead of the AGM next month.

And that is what we have to look forward this Tuesday evening! See you then!