OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday June 19th 2012

It’s time for OVFM to re-enact the American civil War. Sort of.

The annual North vs South competition is looming again (that’s pretty much how annual events work) and our inestimable chairman Chris “Cats” Coulson has decreed that OVFM as a club (that means ALL of us and not just the same old faces) will make and enter a film in this year’s comp. And win it. (Stop laughing at the back!)

Rather than follow the usual of a selection of random films thrown in for judging, a theme is selected to make things just that bit more interesting. This year’s theme is “No Way Back”. What can that mean? Well that is what we are going to discuss at this week’s club meeting.

So any ideas you may have, be it a title suggestion, a plot outline or even a finished script, bring them along to the meeting and share them with us all so we can debate, deliberate and defenestrate to lay the foundation for what will eventually become OVFM’s 2012 North vs South winning entry! Yay! Go Us!

See you on Tuesday!

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  1. After last night we now have a selection of script ideas put forward by Colin Jones, David Laker, Craig Robinson and Chris Coulson.

    Each project will have its own page on this site, which will contain a brief outline of the film plots with a list of requirement on the cast, crew, props, location front and so on. Then if you want to volunteer your services or have a question, you can do so then.

    Don’t forget to check the site for further developments.

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