It’s been a while, admittedly, since the idea to make a film about the history of Orpington was proposed, and since the last update but some headway has been made since then which organisers Pat Palmer and David Laker will tell us about this coming Tuesday.

We already know that plenty of research has been undertaken for this project and a couple of films have already been produced by Pat and other club members, as well as some assistance from local history groups but obviously a project of this scale requires a lot of work.

So, to find out how much progress has been made with this project and how YOU can help take it further, make sure you pop along to the club meeting this Tuesday!

And don’t forget that David will also be collecting subs, so bring your cheques or he’ll send the lads round!


**EDIT** – I’ve just been informed that John Epton will deliver a short presentation on video file formats, for the benefit of anyone who doesn’t know their AVI from an MP4.