OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday January 5th 2016



I can’t believe it is 2016 already!

2015 has flown by in general but the year for OVFM seems to have gone even quicker! Where does the time go? It was barely nine months ago we kick off the annual Top Ten competition and now the final is here!

With the five individual rounds having been contested the top highest scoring films will be shown again on this night, with some having undergone a few changes as per the feedback given following the original screenings. The films will be judged and scored again and the winner and runner up will be revealed and subsequently rewarded at the Oscars in March.

Now, lest my maths is to fail me as usual the Top Ten finalists should be as follows:


“Commute” by Barbara Walker

“A Day In The Life Of Kieran Jones” by Lee Relph

“Table Top Whimsy” by John Bunce

“30 Years of Caring” by John & Ann Epton

“Lie Back” by Mike Shaw

“Leaf Cutter Ants” by David Laker

“Yellowstone” by Brian Pfeiffer

“Broken” by Bob Vine

“Central Park New York” by Jim Morton Robertson

“Our Memorable Trip To London” by Barbara Darby


Our competitions officer Brenda Wheatley should have been in touch with all the finalists by now notifying them that their films are required for this evening, so please bring them along if you are among that number or if you cannot make it, please contact Brenda to let her know, or if possible perhaps speak to a fellow club member or any member of the Committee to arrange for your film to be brought in by someone else.

This meeting is also the final deadline for the Annual Competition so if you haven’t done so, please download a form HERE and bring it along with your film(s) and entry fee, while hopefully by now you will all have also given Peggy your money and orders for the Annual Dinner.

Good luck to all the Top Ten finalists and we hope to see you all on Tuesday night!