OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday December 22nd 2015



You better watch out

You better not cry

Better not pout

I’m telling you why

OVFM’s Christmas Social is here!


The festive season is very much in full swing and it wouldn’t be complete without our annual Christmas social. Or it might be, depending on what’s on telly this year.

As usual we move from the Barnyard Rooms to the larger Garden Rooms for this event which will see the now traditional quizzes (so don’t forget your pen and paper), including my awesome Film Picture Quiz, and other fun events devised and arranged the our committee the Legion Of Doom.

And of course Peggy and her elves will have another luxurious buffet spread for us to stare at longingly during the games then when it is feast time we find ourselves at the end of the line and end up watching everyone else load up their plates and leave nothing of what we actually like.

Unfortunately it looks unlikely that Cherie will be there to lead us in the traditional sing-a-long although we did have an offer from Justin Bieber to deputise but we told him to **** off!

Since the rules are relaxed you are welcome to wear something festive and fun if you so wish, or you can not bother at all. While the focus will be on fun (allegedly) we do ask that if you have a film for the Annual Competition then please submit it to Brenda along with your £2 fee and entry form. Also any footage for the Newsreel would also be appreciated and this meeting is also the closing date for Annual Dinner forms as well.

Not much else to say except see you there and if you can’t make it then Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

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  1. With one person after another proffering their apologies in the days preceding the OVFM Christmas Social I was beginning to wonder if it would be just me munching through Peggy’s mountain of refreshments! But on the night the ranks were swelled by wives and husbands to a very respectable thirty or so souls.
    Just as well as Barbara Darby had a fiendishly cryptic quiz for us which required all the brain power we could muster! We divided into teams and in a spirit of fun and frivolity set about laying claim to the accolade of ‘Winner’. In fact after the scores were toted up it was found there was a draw between ‘The Geniuses’ and ‘The Wise Guys’, I kid you not!, who both managed to get 29 out of the 30 questions correct. For your information the team I was in were runners-up (if that’s the right euphemism for last!), I think we called ourselves ‘The Abject Failures’ or something similar, ho hum!
    All that thinking certainly works up an appetite, and thanks to Peggy and her assistants we were all able to enjoy lovely nibbles and a convivial chat. As the evening flew by it was decided that Barbara’s Fiendish Quiz Part 2 could be dispensed with out of pity for the intellectually challenged amongst us. Instead she led us in a rousing chorus of ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’. My offer to read from my latest poem (‘Ode to the Betamax’, 37 stanzas of blank verse, first line; ‘Never have mine eyes ever gazed upon a video recording system as beautiful yet functional as thee?’) was met with only limited enthusiasm, so after a friendly exchange of seasonal wishes the party dissolved into the night.
    And if you think our Christmas Social was all debauchery and excess let me tell you we did take the time, in our good friend Cherie’s absence, to raise a collection on her behalf for the Macmillan nurses.
    We send good wishes to Cherie and all who couldn’t join us, and to those troubled with health issues we send a hearty ‘Get Well Soon’ wish.
    And to everyone let me say –

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