Happy New Year to you all!

With the festive season now over with and the huge haemorrhoid  that was 2016 now consigned to the dustbin of time, we welcome 2017 with open arms. However here at OVFM there is still some unfinished with last year, namely the annual Top Ten competition.

The qualifying rounds concluded in late November and now it is time for the final, in which the ten films that tallied the highest votes from their individual rounds are brought together one last time to face the scrutiny and judgement of the club members.

With only THIRTEEN entries submitted across the whole year, the lowest I’ve known in my 6  1/2 year membership with the club, the final ten films are as follows:


1.  “Meet Dexter” by Lee Relph

2. “H4 by Barbara Darby

3. “Dawlish Air Show” by Jane Oliver

4. “On a Roll” by John Epton

5.  “Victor Lilia Goes To War “ by David Laker

6. “Obsession” by Jim Morton Robertson

7.  “Heaven or Hell” by Hugh Darrington

8.  “Free of charge” by Reg and Annabelle Lancaster

9.  “Mon Dail Mobility” by Andy Watson

10. “Back Porch Revamp” by John Bunce


It is this round in which the scoring is the most important as your marks will contribute to deciding the eventual winner of the 2106 competition, to be announced at the Oscars in March.

I’ve done the maths and the total running time of all ten films is 58 minutes 39 seconds so we have a long night ahead of us.

Everyone on the list above is required to being their films on Tuesday, having been given the chance to make any amendments or adjustments following the comments in the qualifying rounds. Failure to do so will incur a forfeit of your spot in the final.

Also, at this meeting if you plan on entering the Annual Competition, this is the deadline for getting your films, entry forms and entry fee to Brenda Wheatley.

Staying with competitions the SERIAC and BIAFF competitions are now accepting entries with their deadlines both on JANUARY 31st! Please see Freddy Beard for more details.

Good luck to all Top Ten finalists and hope to see you all on Tuesday!