OVFM Club Meeting November 8th 2011


Our first club meeting for November sees two of OVFM’s longest running competitions taking place: The Vic Treen Trophy and the Kath Jones Cup.

The Vic Treen Trophy was first contested in 1978, named after a long time OVFM member and filmmaker who has since decided that the sunnier climes of Spain were more preferable to live in than the coldness of Old Blighty.

Previous winners of this prize for films set to music include Colin Jones, Basil Doody, Mike Coad and (surprise surprise) Reg and Annabelle Lancaster.

The Kath Jones Cup was introduced in 1984 in memory of the first wife of club member Colin Jones.

Previous winners of this prize for comedy shorts include Basil Doody, Hugh Darrington and Mike Turner.

Films for both competitions must adhere to the set guidelines which you will find in full HERE and the winners will be announced at the Oscars next year.

Good luck to all who enter their films this year. Here’s to a potentially fun and rocking evening!!

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  1. If you’re someone who hasn’t entered a comp at the club before but wants to have a go this is a great opportunity.
    OVFM thrives on participation…get involved!

      1. Ermmm! Well…It’s like this. I did have a film but the dog ate it. Or was it a seagull? Yes that’s it a seagull swooped down and snatched it out of my hand. What a shame! It was a good one too, a real winner. C’est La Vie!

  2. In the absence of chairman Chris Coulson who was “working” last night (don’t ask) this week’s club meeting was hosted by Mike “Casanova” Turner. Ten films were entered for the two competitions highlighted during the evening.

    First the Kath Jones Cup which are short films based around a joke.

    Derek Allen shared with us some “Senior Moments” which us young ‘uns have to look forward to down the line. Next we had some “Garden Tips” from Colin Jones while Basil Doody suffered a bout of “Kent Blues” on our behalf.

    Seven films competed for the Vic Treen trophy which celebrates films set to music.

    First up was Brian Pfeifer’s film featuring “Humming Birds” then David Laker took us on a “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” complete with wrestling bears! No really! Petrolheads would like “The Engine Room” by John and Ann Epton which was followed by “Wag Wag” an affectionate tribute by Bob Wyeth to his dog Bessie. Basil Doody took us on a tour of his back garden in “Wayside” – unless he made the big mistake of filming himself while trespassing on someone else’s property! Simon “Snapper” Earwicker showed us how “Weymouth Lights Up The Night” then Jane Oliver closed the screening with “Talk About Things”.

    With the competition films largely short in length the remainder of the evening was fulfilled by the screening of a film provided by one of our junior member, Reginald Lancaster. Young Reg had with him a Dutch film, “De Collectant” (The Collector) from a one man movie making machine named Jef Caelet which had been a big winner in some of the competitions Reg judges. This 20 minute curiosity told the tale of a man collecting for his choir The Redbreasts who calls upon a recently separated housewife and slowly ingratiates himself upon her and her time.

    Personally this was the highlight of the evening (no offence to those who submitted their competition films) and certainly the sort of film I’d like to make one day and hopefully see more of from OVFM in the future.

    A good night overall. Now, if Mike Turner can just keep his hands to himself….I mean, what would Doris say?

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