OVFM Annual Competiton 2011


OVFM Annual Competiton 2011


Yes folks it is that time again for all of you who are brave enough to have your films judged by a panel of experts in the fiercest battle of filmmakers known to man – well, in the Orpington area at least.

Last year’s competition – the complete list of winners can be found HERE – included multiple wins for veteran misery guts Lee Relph and promising newcomer Reg Lancaster. Will they triumph again this year? Only you can stop them!

With 2011 almost at an end (or if you are reading this after December 31st, Happy New Year it’s 2012!!) and the OVFM Oscars just a matter of weeks away in March the time to act is now. Below you will find the entry forms which you can download and print off and bring to the next club meeting on January 3rd 2012 – any later and competition organiser Brenda Wheatley will simply laugh in your face.

As always the entrance fee is £2.00 per person but you can enter as many films as you like. All monies are non-refundable as we have to bribe the judges somehow.

To download the Entry form as an MS Word document click  HERE

To download the Entry form as a PDF document click HERE

Good luck to every who enters and remember closing date for your entry forms is TUESDAY JANUARY 3rd 2012!

3 Replies to “OVFM Annual Competiton 2011”

  1. Lee the closing date is
    Tuesday January 8th 2013 not 3rd which is a Thursday.The same day as the Top Ten Final.

    1. I know. This is for last year’s competition.

      I was waiting for you to send me some details and an updated form for this years comp before I made a page for here! 😉

  2. Hi Lee,
    The entry form for 2012 annual competition is the same as 2011.
    One form for each film entered but only £2 per person.
    Last year there were 33 entrants,resulting in 68 films in the competition. 20 for Under 5 mins,6 Fiction,4 Animation/special effects,9 Comedy,17Documentary,7 No Special Category.
    No award was made for Fiction last year by the judges.
    Lets hope we can do better this year.

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