OVFM 2022 Garden Party Notice


GARDEN PARTY – 26th JULY 2022 at  6pm.


Our summer get-together replaces our usual meeting and is on Tuesday 26th July. It’s now called a “Garden Party” but the event has evolved a great deal over the years.


Way back many, many years ago it was a simple gathering of members over a beef burger in a bun accompanied by a few fried onions. That proceeded to grow year by year until it became a fully-fledged barbecue, with a choice of meats and a wide variety of salads and desserts. However, all this entailed an awful lot of work for some members, including a cook, who didn’t get the chance to relax and enjoy themselves with everybody else, so it was suggested we ordered in fish and chips.


This worked very well until we had to stop meeting because of Covid 19.


We have always been very grateful to those members who offered to accommodate us in their gardens where we’ve had a variety of experiences. We’ve met in all weathers (bad weather never puts a stop to OVFM!) including the night of ‘Pavarotti in the Park’,  with Princess Diana filmed sitting in torrential rain. We were privileged to have as our cook that night Frank Hyde’s son, a chef at the 5 star Balmoral hotel in Edinburgh, who, nothing daunted, battled away under a big tarpaulin to keep us fed. On another occasion some brave folk were able to have a swim in Mike Shaw’s outdoor pool.


This year, we are grateful to Colin and Corrie Jones for inviting us to their lovely garden (address in the Members’ Only section) where we’re going to have a ‘bring your own’ picnic for which there are a few requests –


  • Arrive from 6 (six) pm
  • Bring your own food, drink and glasses.
  • Add something warm to wear in case it gets chilly.
  • Chairs if you wish but there will be some available.
  • There’s parking in nearby roads but be careful not to block any entrances.
  • Masks are worn at your own discretion


This is a good opportunity to meet up again and catch up with all your news.


Partners are also very welcome so please do come along and make it a party.


One last request – please let Barbara  J. know by 24th July whether or not you will manage to be there, and how many of you there will be.

Annabelle Lancaster

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  1. 13 attended. Lovely function. Thanks to Colin & Corrie for their hospitality and allowing us the use of their lovely garden.

    BJ has circulated details of the event in the most recent News Letter

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