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Rules. You’ve got to have them otherwise we’d all be living in a world to total anarchy and here at OVFM we don’t want that. Anyone who has been to our regular meetings knows what a rambunctious lot our members can be, especially when it is time to resume the meeting after the tea break!


But rules do have a purpose, never more so when it comes to our competitions. Listed below are the guidelines for  the three categories that make up the part our major annual competition which is voted for by club members. So avail yourselves with these before making your film and you could be a big winner come the Oscars!



Kath Jones Cup

Members are invited to make joke films not exceeding 5 minutes, either individually or with others; a film which illustrates a joke with the main punch- line at the end.



Vic Treen Trophy

This rewards the bringing together of images and music. There are two distinct options open to members for this category:


A Film Cut To Music – This entails editing your images to match the beat and tempo of your selected musical piece. In other words, the images should change in syncopation with beat of the track and not at random points to ensure a smoother flow.


A Film Set To Music – This involves having suitable music that matches the imagery.  You do NOT have to be strict with matching the changes to the beat but there must be a reflection of the mood and tempos of the music in your visuals to create some sort of narrative.


N.B. – If you use a piece of original artist music (eg: a pop/rock song) you are solely responsible for the clearance of  its usage per the copyright usage laws. The best way around this is to be a member of the IAC and have your own MCPS Copyright Clearance licence as the club’s licence only covers films produced and presented as a club effort.



Mike Turner Plate

Any type of film, be it comedy, drama, musical, etc. as long as the total length does not exceed 60 seconds.



Annual Competition

The Annual Competition is open to all members and the films, judged by an external panel, are eligible for technical  merit awards as well as general entertainment credits.


A £2 entry fee is normally required unless circumstances dictate otherwise. You can enter as many films as you like, to be accompanied by their own separate official entry form, as long as they don’t exceed 30 minutes in length and have not already been entered or won an award in the AC before. You can enter your film if it has also been submitted for the Top Ten or any of the above categories either the same year or in prior years.



The winners of these competitions are revealed at the OVFM OSCARS every March.



Good luck with your films.



Updated 24th January 2022


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    I think that members will now understand exactly what is needed to enter the competitions.

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