Competition Results 2011/12



TOP TEN 2011

Final scores from 24 entries (Top 10 final scores in parenthesis):


“Picture Picture” by Mike Shaw 58.26 (57.64)

“Connoisseur” by Barbara Walker 54.19 (55.46)

“Why Are Icebergs Blue?” by David Laker 54.66 (55.14)

“Mystery Of The Garden Shed” by John Bunce 50.67 (54.14)

“The Miracle” by Lee Relph 51.45 (50.73)

“Engine Turning” by Barbara Darby 53.89 (50.35)

“To Italy By Gondola” by Andy Watson 50.36 (50.06)

“Chatsworth” by Sue Ward 51.78 (49.51)

“Survivors Leave” by Simon Earwicker 50.30 (49.14)

“Bells Down by Harold trill 49.02 (47.60)

“Out Of The Darkness” by Jane Oliver 48.34

“Conversation With Diana Springall” by Jim Morton Robertson 48.21

“Percy Pilcher Remembered” by Hugh Darrington 48.20

“Year Zero” by Mike Coad 47.92

“Finding Granny’s Granny” by Anna Littler 47.72

“Switzerland” by Bob Wyeth 47.39

“Teego’s Travels” by Chris Coulson 47.05

“Iguazu Falls” by Brian Pfeiffer 46.68

“Three Boys In The Blitz” by Derek Allen 44.54

“Lago di Gardo” by Alan Smith

“1759” by Mike Turner 42.78

“My Other Hobby” by Roger Wheatley 40.13

“Pearl In The Med” by John Ransley 37.82

“Floriade” by Richard Pugh 36.68


The scores for the following awards are calculated by 5 points awarded for a 1st place vote, 3 points for a second place vote and 1 point for a third place vote.


Vic Treen Cup (Best film cut to music)

“The Engine Shop” by John and Ann Epton 113

“Talk About Things” by Jane Oliver 100

“Teddy Bears’ Picnic” by David Laker 54

“Weymouth Lights Up The Night” by Simon Earwicker 35

“Wayside” by Basil Doody 17

“Wag Wag” by Bob Wyeth 8

“Humming Birds” by Brian Pfeiffer 7

Kath Jones Cup (Best joke film)


“Garden Tips” by Colin Jones 131

Senior Moments” by Derek Allen 111

“Kent Blues” by Basil Doody 98


Mike Turner Plate (Best film under 1 minute)


“Team Work” By Colin Jones 156

“Whatever The Weather” by Jane Oliver 61

“Pregnant Pause” by Charlie Caseley 60

“100 Years And One Minute” by Simon Earwicker 25

“Loking For Fairies” by Anna Littler 20

“Back To The 60’s” by Derek Allen 18

“Lest We Forget” by Derek Allen 10




Ian Dunbar Cup for Best Film – “My Other Hobby” by Chris Coulson


Orpington Trophy for Best Film runner up – “Engine Turning” by Barbara Darby

Commended Certificates awarded to:

“Switzerland” by Bob Wyeth

“Street Party” by Barbara Darby

“Garden Tips” by Colin Jones

“1759” by Mike Turner

“Survivors Leave” by Simon Earwicker

“Mystery Of The Garden Shed” by John Bunce

“Connoisseur” by Barbara Walker



Heyfield Trophy for Best Sound – “Weymouth Lights Up The Night” by Simon Earwicker


Priory Trophy for Best Editing – “Rhythm Of Life” by Simon Earwicker


Jubilee Shield for Best Film Under Five Minutes – “Why Are Icebergs Blue?” by David Laker


Reg Lancaster Trophy for Funniest Film – “My Other Hobby” by Chris Coulson


Arthur Woolhead Trophy for Best Animation/Special Effects – “Picture Picture” by Mike Shaw


Renee Morris Penguin Plate for Best Photography – “Scenes From The Seaside” by Simon Earwicker


Alice Howe Trophy for Best Documentary – “Engine Turning” by Barbara Darby


Raasay Trophy for Best Film in No Special Category – “Moon Song” by Simon Earwicker


Kath Jones Cup for Best Joke Film Under Five Minutes – “Garden Tips” by Colin Jones


Vic Teen Trophy for Best film Set To Music – “Engine Shop” by John And Ann Epton


Mike Turner Plate for Best film Under One Minute – “Team Work” by Colin Jones


Top Ten 2011: Winner – “Picture Picture” by Mike Shaw Runner Up – “Connoisseur” by Barbara Walker

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