Choose Our Zoom Meeting programmes!


Per the Legion of Doom, aka the OVFM Committee, a request regarding the programmes for future club meetings held via Zoom:


We need everyone’s help to provide material for future zoom meetings. In fairness, everyone will be given the opportunity to show one of their films or if they’re not a filmmaker to select one from the archive to show. This will build up a catalogue of films ready for zoom meetings.


Each person can introduce their film or choice of film, say why they picked it, why they joined OVFM in the first place, what’s the value in belonging to OVFM and what they’ve learnt along the way.  You might want to make suggestions to encourage those new to filmmaking on how to go about getting started or how to get involved in some other aspect; they may already be a talented actor, actress or writer.


We need you to respond as soon as possible to give the archivists time to make the films available. The archive lists can be found HERE in the Members Only Section, so make sure you have your passwords handy if you are not logged in.


We value your contributions to your club and thank you all in anticipation.

5 Replies to “Choose Our Zoom Meeting programmes!”

  1. Arrangements are already in hand for Tuesday night, 2nd November, so there is no need to bombard with with a list. In any event not all films are yet available for showing via Zoom, that matter is in hand
    Andy Watson;

    1. Thanks for the update Andy. This is the information given to me to for posting so it was correct at the time.

      I shall amend the post to remove this reference since it will be out of date by the time people read this.

  2. I appreciate that Lee, thanks. I just didn’t want people asking for films for Tuesday for which I might not have time to prepare!

  3. Unfortunately we cannot link in to ZOOM meetings as our camera does not work with ZOOM it ony works with Skype; that’s why we have not seen any of the things you put on ZOOM.
    I have not seen anything about Thursday 11th at 7.30 Mike Shaw’s Tribute. Is this an actual meeting and if so where is it?
    Thanks Kath & Malcolm Goodwin

    1. I’ve not heard of cameras not working with Zoom before, since it is such a universally used programme. Have you looked at your camera settings or Zoom settings to see where the problem might be? A Google search should supply with more in depth suggestions otherwise.

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