Top Ten Competiton Special Announcement!


Special announcement about the Top Ten Competition!!

Breaking news from the headquarters of the Legion of Doom.

Due to the number of entrants for this year’s Top Ten competition being slightly down in comparison to previous years, it has been decided that club members will be given an extra chance to submit a film with the addition of a bonus round!

The deadline is the club meeting on Tuesday 4th December 2012, so anyone who was unable to submit a film in their allotted round or didn’t get round to making one, this is your chance to rectify this and make your mark on this year’s contest.

A reminder of the members who have not submitted a film this year:


Frank Hyde

Gwen Whippy

Mike Graham

Ian Menage

Ed Jarnot

Cherie Hamlet-Smith

Peter Mitchell

Val Pinkerton

Hugh Darrington

Mo & Peter Lodge

Charlie & Nellie Caseley

Lizzie Mathews

Barbara Walker

Alan Whippy

Freddy Beard

Brenda & Roger Wheatley

Peter Llewllyn Smith

Jess & Richard Pugh

Barbara J. Darby

Simon Earwicker

Harold & Maisie Trill

Jennie Jarnot

Christine Collins

Mike Shaw

Craig Robinson

Peter Reilly

John Alford

Tony Faller

Pat Palmer

Anna Littler

Ann Perrin & Alan Gage

Barbara Walker

Mike Bishop

Andy Webb

Basil Doody

Sylvia Snipp

Ray Hewitt

Malcolm Goodwin

Susan Ward

Len Lawrence


Members are encouraged to make the most of the next four weeks to get their films ready for viewing. With plenty of festive occasions this time of year brings, the scope for providing an interesting document  to share with the rest of the club is wider than usual. Or if you have an unfinished project gathering dust, here’s hoping for a last minute burst of inspiration for you to complete it.

So, please take advantage of this extra opportunity and we look forward to seeing your films on the December 4th.

4 Replies to “Top Ten Competiton Special Announcement!”

  1. Thanks Lee for publishing the extra Top Ten date. Lets hope that we have many more films submitted.

    1. I’ve found reasonable 5 mins of fun – Think generally amateur filming these days has got a bit too techi and clever for it’s own good! Will send my DVD to someone – post haste as still not been up to the club this year (life and family took over) but will do better next year!
      Hope I have paid my country member money, or shame upon shame, I’d be disqualified…love to all who remember me Ann x

  2. Hi Ann,
    Please send your DVD to me in time for 4th Dec Top Ten. Do you also want it to be entered in the Annual Competition? The closing date for the Annual Competition is 8th Jan 2013. Entry fee is £2 per member.

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