Every ship needs an engine to help drive it forward and for OVFM that would be the Committee – a select few who work diligently all year round to ensure the club has a purpose, a direction, and takes care of the administrative matters that keep OVFM alive. The Committee is also there to address any concerns members may have, be they personal matters or relating to the club itself.

Every club member no doubt has an opinion or idea as to how we could improve the club’s running, its fortunes, or has suggestions for projects, promotional ideas or other club related activities. The AGM is one way for people to put their ideas and opinions forward or, of course, committee members are always willing to listen and put these proposals to the other committee members during the bi-monthly meetings for discussion.

At the most recent committee meeting, two members announced their intentions to step down from their posts – our club President Reg Lancaster and Vice Chairman Sam Brown. We are sad to see them go but do thank them for their years of hard work and contributions in helping keep OVFM running.

We are also in need of a new club secretary as the work previously done by the dearly missed Freddie Beard is currently shared between many of very busy committee members. This is arguably the most vital role to the club outside of the Chairman, and whilst Freddie will be a hard act to follow, we do hope that someone will be able to step up and make the role their own, just as Freddie did.

Every year prior to the AGM a form is made available to club members – either with the Viewfinder or here on the website – with which the Committee members are voted in by YOU. ALL incumbent members are asked if they are willing to stand for re-election leaving every seat and position open – from chairman to treasurer to ordinary member – until the nominations and votes have been received.

Therefore this year’s AGM on April 4th will see the election of two new committee members in senior posts and possible ordinary members if anyone wishes to step up. To participate, simply fill in the form you received with the March edition of the Viewfinder or download it from HERE then find another club member to nominate you and get that nomination seconded by someone else. Submit your form to Andy Watson by no later than Friday March 31st ahead of the AGM on April 2nd where the final results will be revealed.

For the record the current Committee members who ARE standing for re-election are:


Jane Oliver – Chairman

David Laker – Treasurer

Ian Menage – Ordinary Member

Annabelle Lancaster – Ordinary Member

Andy Watson – Ordinary Member

Trevor Rogers – Ordinary Member

Ron Williams – Ordinary Member


Standing down and thus NOT seeking re-election are:


Sam Brown – Vice Chairman

Reg Lancaster – Ordinary Member


As you can see it is important that this year we do see a concerted interest from club members to step up and be counted.

Remember the Committee is not a self serving entity but a group of people striving to make OVFM a continued success for ALL of its members, which relies on a self-perpetuating source of energy to allow that to happen. So if YOU want to make a difference to the club then find someone to nominate you and have that seconded, or nominate and second someone else. It all helps.

If you have any queries or comments please reply to this post below or contact the committee and they’ll do their best to respond to them for you.

On behalf of the club we thank  and  for their tireless efforts and contributions to the running of OVFM.

Thanks for reading and for your continued support of OVFM.


  1. Lee thank you for this well written article which amongst other things shows your appreciation of the Committee.

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