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COMPETITION SCORES 2010/2011 TOP TEN 2010 Final scores – a total of 21 Entries “Otford Pond” by Barbara Darby           55.69 “Finnish Foibles” by Reg Lancaster        55.60 “Plane,Train and Automobile” by Hugh Darrington         54.79 “Art & Design in fabric” by Jim M-Robertson     52.00 “Greenland Ice Cold Beauty” by Brian Phieffer  51.93 “South Foreland” by Harold Trill         […]

View from The Chair

It seems like ages since I last wrote a piece for the viewfinder, and I guess that’s because… it is ages! Of course, I’ve left it till the last minute, and my faithful fairy Godmother, Peter Lodge has emailed me saying “Where’s your View from the Chair?” and so I’ve locked myself away, not to […]