OVFM CLUB MEETING – TUESDAY September 5th 2017


This Tuesday sees us entering the Last Chance Saloon as far as the annual Top Ten competition is concerned as Round Three is the final opportunity to get your films into contention for the grand final to be held in January 2018.

We’ve already had ten films submitted across the first two rounds but there are still plenty more to come. Listed to participate in this round are:


Sam Brown
John Bunce
Basil Doody
Simon Earwicker
Mike Graham
John and Sylvia Greengrass
Colin Jones
Annabelle Lancaster
Brian Pfeiffer
Trevor Rogers
Brenda and Roger Wheatley


However there are still some club members who didn’t submit their films in their designated rounds. They are:


John Alford
Ron Darby
Malcolm Goodwin
Ian Menage
Peter Mitchell
Peggy Parmenter
Mike Shaw
Alan Smith and Cherie

Freddy Beard
Hugh Darrington
Kuldip Kaur
Pat Palmer
Bob Vine
Barbara Walker
Andy and Marian Watson


Therefore you are invited to use this opportunity to enter your films or forever hold your peace. Hugh had some playback issues with his DVD last time which I hope he has fixed for this round.

A word of warning for anyone planning on bringing a film via USB flash drive – we had some issues last time with the club Blu-ray player reading the files so either bring a DVD instead if you can, or please can us sufficient warning to ensure we have the club laptop on hand to view the films via that platform instead. We strongly urge you to use MPEG 4 format for films on USB.

Please respond to this post in the comments section below if you will be bringing a film, declaring format (DVD/Blu-ray. USB), picture ratio (4:3/16:9) and run time, or since you all like Hugh more than me, send him an e-mail with the same details.

So good luck to everyone who enters a film and let’s make this last round one to remember!

5 Replies to “OVFM CLUB MEETING – TUESDAY September 5th 2017”

  1. Hi Lee
    I will be bringing a film on USB MP4 16:9 I will also try and burn a DVD (not done that before)
    Run time 3 minutes
    But talking to John Epton he is bringing his MP4 player along for the evening.
    Regards Trevor

  2. Lee,
    i did leave a message (somewhere!) saying that unfortunately i won’t have a film on Tuesday but i’m not sure you got it.

  3. Bringing the Top Ten qualifying rounds to close for this year with 5 films submitted, including a first time effort from one of newer members.

    Up first was “But Is It Art?” by our competitions officer Hugh Darrington, which detailed the various artwork and creative endeavours of one family as seen at a local exhibition.

    Colin Jones returned to his extensive archive for “No Thanks, Not Me”, a fun look at a holiday Colin and his wife enjoyed in Mauritius. This was followed by John Bunce’s report on the restoration of a local war memorial in “St. Giles The Abbott”.

    The aforementioned first-time film came from Trevor Rogers who took us on an aerial trip of the Thames and London in “Come Fly With Me”, whilst it befall to John Greengrass and an interloping fox to close the evening with “Please”.

    So there we have it – 15 films are now in contention for the final which will be held in January 2018. If you didn’t get a film in this year, perhaps you might want to start formulating some ideas now to ensure you don’t miss out next year.

    Thanks to Hugh for putting this together and to all who entered films his year.

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