OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday September 27th 2011

Last month our chairman Chris Coulson announced the latest club project “Something I’ve Always Wanted To Do”. If you need a reminder of that then click HERE.

This week we see the fruits of your labours as we host the screening of your films sharing your secret ambitions. I just hope there is nothing to incriminating. As we saw a few months back with the “My Other Hobby” project that club members have a variety of interests away from film making (well, mostly painting and tyre spotting) so one has to wonder if there are some equally diverse hidden desires to be revealed.

If you could be so kind as to reply to this post below to let us know whether you are bringing a film or not that would be appreciated.

See you then!

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  1. Well, what a night that was! Not only were we pleased to welcome a glut of new faces who wished to check out the wonderful world of OVFM but we also had a record breaking (in my thirteen month tenure with the club at least) THIRTEEN films to view last night, (although a few were an added bonus) related to the project topic “Something I Always Wanted To Try”.

    Up first was Freddy Beard who, it transpires, always wanted to stea…er drive a classic E-Type Jaguar (I think – I know as much about cars as I do about film making!).

    Then Derek Allen showed us that years of grumbling imperceptibly under his breath while his better half lets him have it has paid off as he tries his hand at ventriloquism in “Gottle Of Gear”.

    Next was Chris Coulson’s film. And yes, it was about cats. A talking one this time.

    John Bunce proved that someone was actually paying attention at our recent green screen tutorial evening when he presented us with his film “Flight Of Dreams”.

    Cherie Hamlet-Smith always wanted to swim with dolphins. Did they want to swim with her? We found out in her film shot in New Zealand.

    Whilst Bob Wyeth may have always wanted to be a singer, he was not bold enough to demonstrate this on film. However, he found a man who was…

    One of the Barbara Darbys (the short one with grey hair from Otford – I think) shared with us her lost dream of being a flautist and a wildlife camera person.

    Ever heard of the Yellow Eyed Penguin? Andy Watson introduced us to them in his film.

    Jim Morton-Robertson has a desire to have a go on Jet Skis while Jane Oliver offered a somewhat esoteric take on the project’s theme.

    Then we come to the bonus films. The first was from two of the new faces to OVFM, Jack Burt and Mark Tingly. They shared with us a music video they made for a now defunct group called Caiaphas for their song “In Control”.

    Aside from being Mrs. Club President, an aspiring cage fighter and club press officer, Annabelle Lancaster also makes films. She shared with us her very first film from 1991 entitled “Road’s Closed” detailing the work done on the road around Orpington War Memorial and was not an excuse for Annabelle to gawp at the half naked male workers!

    Finally, another rookie, young Reg Lancaster, brought with him a film his great grandfather made way back in the 1970’s entitled “The Heirloom”, filmed on location in the US.

    A fun night enjoyed by all!

  2. I feel I should clear up a small misunderstanding. “Roads Closed” wasn’t my first film but my first real effort at one shot on video.

    I had also wanted to prove that you didn’t need a whole lot of fancy equipment – simply a camera and vcr.

    My very first film was shot on a trip to San Francisco in 1977!!

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