OVFM Club Meeting Tuesday October 9th 2012


You Be The Judge III!!

Just when you thought it was safe….

Yes, Reg “Bomber” Lancaster has decided that we at OVFM need to teach the judges of the UNICA (Union internationale du cinéma) film competition a thing or two about how to properly evaluate and rate a film. As we have seen in the past, they have a penchant for getting it wrong, awarding low marks to some masterpieces while rewarding the lame and uninspired.

The films that Reg and his pet wife Lady Annabelle will subject us are a random selection of the many entries to the UNICA competition and if previous sessions are any indication it should be an interesting and entertaining evening.

A quick reminder that these films have already been awarded Diploma, Bronze, Silver or Gold prizes by the UNICA judges and we discover if our measly opinions match those of the judges. As I have been lead to understand, every time we get it wrong that is another year added to the career of Jedward, so I ask you all, in earnest, to take this VERY seriously indeed, for the sake of all humanity.

All this and more to come your way on Tuesday evening. See you then!

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  1. An interesting night to say the least as Reg and Annabelle presented the third evening of UNICA films for our judgement.

    First up was a hi tech piece from Croatia entitled “Parallel Highways”. Directed by Rino Barbir,it was a visual allegory of time and motion (I think) involving a man and a woman walking through a chaotic scene in which everyone and everything else was suspended in time. At UNICA this was awarded a Diploma of Honour.

    The remainder of the films were from the UK.

    Film number two for the evening was “The Letter”, directed by Darren Lalonde for Channel 7 Productions. A touching little film about a young girl who receives a life changing missive. UNICA surprisingly only awarded this a diploma.

    “Assumption” from 16 year-old Alfie Barker looked at one lad’s handling of being bullied. Alife earned a Diploma of Honour for his film.

    The generation spanning “Sparks Become Flames” from Rochdale Movie Makers and directed by Tommy O’Connor, was a cheeky outing which began its tale in the 1940’s before leaping to the modern day, with a nice twist at the end. UNICA felt this was Bronze award material.

    Speaking of cheeky with a nice twist, “Stripped” from Mark Jackson was a subversive and daring film which left me not knowing whereto look as I was surrounded by female company during its viewing but the pay off was worth it. UNICA agreed and gave this a Silver award.

    The final film in this part of the session was “The Party” from Alison Beadie, a comedy of errors as a woman preparing for a party has one of those days. This got a Diploma from UNICA.

    Closing the evening were two films which UNICA had given Gold awards too. Both from Croatia, the first was “Obid (Lunch)” by Ivica Musan, a low key but touching drama of an elderly fisherman being taken advantage of by his manipulative son. I’m not sure how this went down with the other club members but as someone who watches a lot of World cinema, I certainly “got it” and enjoyed it.

    Last but not least was a Tim Burton-esque fantasy opus “Vesla (The Oars)” from Sdenko Basic and Manuel Sumberac. Part live action, part animation this visually stunning piece reminds us of the marvels of a limitless imagination.

    A hugely entertaining evening all round and one which me with a sensation which I couldn’t tell if it made feel inspired or inadequate. Turned out to be wind…. :-\

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