It’s two for the price of one this week at OVFM as we share the results of our hard work in response to TWO themed projects!

The first is “Jigsaw” which was first announced back in April and hopefully you availed yourself of the two sets of jumbled up clips provided by Ian Menage, reassembled them and created a short film with your own narrative and storyline.

You had the option of trying one or both of the challenges, which were segment taken from two classic comedy shorts – “The Dare Devil” from 1923 starring Ben Turpin, in which he plays a hapless stuntman given a chance to shine by an equally hapless director; and a (spits) colourised version of “Busy Bodies”, a Laurel & Hardy talkie from 1933, in which Stan and Ollie play two accident prone carpenters.

Because of the likelihood of repetition this project will incur, we ask that you let us know by replying to this post below which of the two clips you will be bringing to the meeting (if you indeed are) – either “Ben Turpin” or “Laurel & Hardy” – so we can best allocate the screening time and try to avoid showing the same film over and over. If you fail to inform us, there might be strong chance your film may NOT be shown at all.

The second project is “Current”, ironically the more recently announced of the two. This one should provide a more varied set of contributions but again, PLEASE be sure to let us if you have a film for this project as again, too many films on the evening will leave some not being shown, and your efforts will have gone to waste.

Remember to include the following vital information in your reply:  the film’s run time, format (DVD, Blu-ray, USB stick) and picture ratio (4:3 or 16:9).

Join us on Tuesday for what looks to be a fun filled and creative evening!


  1. Probably no Jigsaw films – Reg and i did the Ben Turpin one separately and ended up with almost identical films so suspect others will be the same.
    Time allowing today I just might have one for Current but only 1min 30 secs. – DVD 16:9

  2. I will bring jigsaw called “A bad day at the studio” Ben Turpin. 4 mins 4.3 USB stick.

  3. I will bring a second ‘current’ along
    4 1/2 minutes, on stick or portable hard drive, 16:9

  4. It seems the Jigsaw project was to much for most of you, as only two people submitted entries and both were of the Ben Turpin film. The “Current” theme fared a little better with four films shown in response to this theme but fear not as our intrepid chairman Jane Oliver was on hand to save the day.

    First up the current films, opening with a classic from Barbara Darby of her trip to “Victoria Falls” (water current, geddit?) followed by her Kemsing Mafia stablemate Jim Morten-Robertson who had the same idea with his film about “Huka falls”. Next came three contributions from Jane, starting with “Current Blue” a surreal little clip debating the difference between currants, raisins and sultanas, then a look at what the Canon G40 camera can do (really impressive) and a short clip that makes up part of a series of films Jane was commissioned to make for Biggin Hill.

    The two “Jigsaw” films came from myself with “One Shot” and John Bunce with “Bad Day At The Studio”. It’s a shame more people didn’t give it a go as John and I both managed to tell different stories with the same footage.

    In the second half, Jane showed the other clips from her Biggin Hill promotional film series, a collection of clips 60 seconds or under that showed off the various aspects of what goes on at Biggin Hill, both on the aviation front and its other services.

    Finally thanks to Freddy for the lift home last night! Much appreciated! 🙂

  5. Thanks for your summary Lee. It would have been nice to have films from more members but it at least gave those present the opportunity to see footage from the Canon G40 and hopefully get club members experimenting with the club camera. Filming indoors, one doesn’t even need to leave the house and for those with their own gardens, or parks close by, there’s plenty of opportunity to try the bokeh effect.

    I hope that by having the opportunity to show a number of 1 minute films, it has inspired some members to ‘have a go’ in time for this years competition. I know there is a wealth of talent in our club and l Iook forward to the day when we run out of time to show ‘newly made’ films.

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